Riding Truckee With A Lake Tahoe Rafting Company

When summer hits, some of the more popular activities all revolve around the water—swimming, skiing, and our personal favorite, rafting. Whether the water is calm and serene or rapid and exciting, rafting along the many tributaries around Lake Tahoe can be an experience that brings the family together as they learn to work together to create a fun and relaxing day down the Truckee River.

Truckee River Rafting has been the place to go when you want to take part in the ultimate vacation experience since 1973, with tours lasting anywhere from two to four hours and experienced guides that are trained in keeping you safe. Their rafts are made of commercial grade rubber and can hold anywhere from two to 10 people, depending on the size of your party. Perfect for families with small children—2 to 5-year-olds can ride for free—the path this Lake Tahoe rafting company takes down the Truckee River is mostly calm and tranquil, but there are some small rapids to ensure you get to feel that jump in your stomach that lets you know you’re alive.

Most of the rapids you face will be in the Class 2 range, but some will hit Class 3 and nearly reach Class 4. This is where we take your souvenir pictures to brag about back home; make sure to smile big so your friends and family can see how brave you are! Snacks are allowed, just make sure to bring them in a soft-sided cooler. Costs start at $28 for kids 6-12 and $33 for adults when you make reservations in advance at www.truckeeriverrafting.com.

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