Tahoe and Truckee Summer Things to Do

Summer Fun in North Tahoe and Truckee!

When the Sun Shines, the Fun Begins in Lake Tahoe and Truckee

The many summer activities on and around Lake Tahoe include boating, fishing, swimming, walks along the 71 miles of shoreline, and a whole host of other water-based activities. With over 71 square miles of surface area, the lake enables virtually any kind of water activity. Since it’s your vacation, whether you want to do your own thing or prefer to take a tour bus, boat, helicopter, or hot air balloon ride, you’ll have no trouble finding fun and excitement, relaxation, family outings, even romance, on or by the waters of Lake Tahoe.

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North Lake Tahoe Beach Guide

Many visitors to Lake Tahoe are familiar with what there is to see and do on the southern shore of the lake, but might be surprised to find that North Lake Tahoe has even more wonderful sights to offer on its beaches. Below, we’ve put together a brief guide to the best beaches in North Lake Tahoe. Read on to find out more! Commons Beach Situated among the northwestern shore of Lake Tahoe Beaches, Commons Beach Park is known for being exceptionally family-friendly. The park is home to a variety of … Continue reading North Lake Tahoe Beach Guide

Truckee Beaches

When you’re spending time in an idyllic North Lake Tahoe town like Truckee, if you’re not on the water, chances are good that you’re on the beach! Truckee is home to not only our lovely Truckee vacation rentals, but also a number of wonderful beaches where you and your guests can play lakeside. Read on below for more information! Where to Go for Fun in the Sun To begin, Truckee beaches can be split into two categories: beaches around Donner Lake and beaches on the northern shore of Lake Tahoe. … Continue reading Truckee Beaches

Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

All around Lake Tahoe, there are campgrounds where you can partake in a wide variety of incredible outdoor recreation and sightseeing. Below, we’ve put together a brief list of tips, tricks, and what to know before you go to some of the area’s best campgrounds for a fun day of fishing, boating, hiking, and camping near Lake Tahoe. Read on to learn more! Experience the Great Outdoors in Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe campgrounds are generally open from late May through Labor Day weekend in early September. Along the north shore … Continue reading Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

Truckee Campgrounds

Situated in the region of North Lake Tahoe, Truckee is a beautiful town with ample recreation and sightseeing to be had outdoors—particularly at the campgrounds throughout the area. Read on below to learn more about where to go and what to know when you want to go hiking, fishing, boating, and camping in Truckee, CA! Where to Go for Camping in Truckee, CA The town of Truckee is home to a number of exquisite campsites where visitors can partake in a variety of outdoor activities. The Truckee camping season generally … Continue reading Truckee Campgrounds

Kid Friendly Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

When vacationing with children, it’s often difficult to find activities that are interesting to the different age levels in your family. What might be fascinating to a teenager bores a 5-year-old to tears, and what interests the parents can be as dull as watching paint dry for the kids. It’s a difficult line to tread, but when you stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation home, you have the creative and innovative thought process of our staff on your side! Our sophisticated exterior hides a childish interior, and … Continue reading Kid Friendly Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

Truckee Horseback Riding Tours

Tour Truckee on Horseback The North Lake Tahoe area is full of different trails and paths that provide for some of the best views in all the United States. One of the best ways to see these amazing views is on horseback. Many different companies offer amazing tours on horseback that you can take advantage of during your trip. Grab the reins and see horseback riding in Truckee the best way possible!   Private Rides Most of the rides offered as a tour package are private. This private adventure only … Continue reading Truckee Horseback Riding Tours

Truckee Hiking

Hiking is one of the best attractions that Truckee has to offer. Truckee is normally full of snow, but as the snow quickly disappears, trails start reappearing. Most avid hikers are excited for the melting of the snow, especially since Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are among the top places to hike in the world. As such, we have put together the top hikes in the Truckee area to help guide you on your next Truckee hiking adventure. Pacific Crest Trail That’s Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), as in … Continue reading Truckee Hiking

Truckee Golf Courses

Golf In North Lake Tahoe The Lake Tahoe area on the boarder of California and Nevada serves as an amazing vacation destination. The area is extremely unique and provides for great views, fun lake adventures, and even a bit of gambling. Tahoe is known for many things, but one that is consistently missed is the opportunity for amazing golf. Here are two of the best Truckee golf courses in the area. Northstar at Tahoe The Northstar at Tahoe Resort golf course in Lake Tahoe, California is an 18-hole, par-72 (men … Continue reading Truckee Golf Courses

North Lake Tahoe Golf

Looking for some great North Lake Tahoe Summer Activities? Lake Tahoe and its surrounding areas are home to numerous scenic Lake Tahoe golf courses that are sure to suffice! Whether you’re looking for a quick 9-hole game of golf or a world-class championship golf course, you’ll find it here in Lake Tahoe. Play a Few Rounds of Golf on Lake Tahoe’s Best Courses Renowned for its temperate climate and picturesque natural setting during the warmer months of the year, Lake Tahoe is the ideal choice for a summertime getaway, where you … Continue reading North Lake Tahoe Golf

Lake Tahoe Hiking & Backpacking

If you’re looking for fun things to do in North Lake Tahoe on your vacation, Lake Tahoe and its surrounding areas provide nearly limitless opportunities for hikers. Whether you’re looking for easy day hikes, challenging long distance treks, pristine mountain lakes or high alpine summits, you can find it here in Lake Tahoe. Endless Things to Do in North Lake Tahoe on your Hiking Adventure! Lake Tahoe is one of the country’s most highly sought-after vacation destinations for a number of reasons. From its serene and tranquil ambiance and stunning … Continue reading Lake Tahoe Hiking & Backpacking

Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking

When the snow melts, cyclists rejoice, because spring time means the start of the cycling season in Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re r a roadie looking for scenic mountain roads or a fat tire enthusiasts in search of endless single track, you’ll find it here in Lake Tahoe. Read on to learn more about one of the top activities in North Lake Tahoe! Cruise Through Lake Tahoe’s Most Gorgeous Natural Terrain on Two Wheels! Famous for its crystal-clear lakes, its impressive snow-capped mountains, its lush swathes of forest greenery, and its … Continue reading Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking

Guided Tours of Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for one of the top North Lake Tahoe Things to do, you need to hire a Lake Tahoe tour guide service!They’ll take care of the route finding and logistics so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Embark on a Guided Journey in Lake Tahoe! In Lake Tahoe, there are lakes to sail, mountains to climb, fish to catch, forests to explore, and a number of other places to see in between. Being such a gorgeous alpine setting, it can be tough to figure out where you should … Continue reading Guided Tours of Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Adventure Company

There are few places in the world that can match the natural beauty and wonder that you can find in the Lake Tahoe area, and the Lake Tahoe area is one of California’s premier locations for exploring and adventuring! In an area that offers so many incredible opportunities for a great adventure, it can be hard to know where to even begin. Never fear! Whether you want to explore the Lake Tahoe area by water or land, Tahoe Adventure Company is here to help. Adventures by Land… Being surrounded by … Continue reading Tahoe Adventure Company

Lake Tahoe Boating

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada and Carson Mountain ranges, visitors anlocals can combine beautiful scenery with adventure, or perhaps a serene Lake Tahoe boating excursion. There is a range of Lake Tahoe boating opportunities suitable for those of all ages and experience. Read on for more information about one of the most enjoyable things to do North Lake Tahoe has to offer! Take to the Water on Lake Tahoe – The Largest Alpine Lake in North America No trip to Lake Tahoe is complete without a visit to the area’s … Continue reading Lake Tahoe Boating

Lake Tahoe Fishing

The Lake Tahoe region is loaded with fishing opportunities from Pyramid Lake’s world-class cutthroat to the famous browns of the Truckee River, anglers young and old will find a whopper of their own. Catch Your Biggest Fish Yet on the Waters of Lake Tahoe! In spite of being named after a single immense lake, the Lake Tahoe area is teeming with a myriad of lakes and rivers, each hosting a diverse range of Lake Tahoe fish species that everyone from amateur to avid anglers alike tends to marvel at. From … Continue reading Lake Tahoe Fishing
North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Rafting

White Water Rafting in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an area that is wonderful to visit every season of the year, but it’s during the summer that we seem to find unique activities to fill the time, and white water rafting on Lake Tahoe is one of our favorites! The feel of the cold water as it splashes against our cheeks, the smell of the rubber craft beneath us, the views of the Lake Tahoe landscape as we pass through areas each more visually stunning than the last. Lake Tahoe river rafting is an experience that … Continue reading White Water Rafting in Lake Tahoe
North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Climbing

Rock Climbing in Lake Tahoe

Summer in Lake Tahoe brings adventures of all kinds: hiking through the parks in the area, boating on the lake, and rock climbing in Lake Tahoe peaks. Adventurers of all skill levels grab their ropes, carabiners, sunglasses, and other equipment and head to the hills for climbing adventures that keep the heart pumping and the lungs full of fresh air. Life is better when straddling the peak of one of the many mountains that stand guard over our beautiful lake—something you may soon find out for yourself! Don’t Forget Your … Continue reading Rock Climbing in Lake Tahoe