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Dana Moraru

Founder & CEO

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My name is Dana and I’m the proud owner of Tahoe Signature Properties, which I founded in 2012. I’ve lived here in the Tahoe area full-time for over a decade, exploring firsthand the sights, attractions, and local cuisine, and I love sharing my home with the world.

While I comfortably call California home now, I was born in Moldova—a small country in Eastern Europe—where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Small Business Accounting and Finance. In 2007 I moved overseas to the United States, where I worked for a while as a bookkeeper at a local property management firm. Navigating the business of property management came naturally to me, so when I made the move to a Luxury Vacation Rental Company, the seed was officially planted in my mind about opening my own business. In 2012 I took this dream and forged it into reality. Tahoe Signature Properties was born. It has since been a wild success, and in 2018, 2019, and 2020 we won the Best of Truckee Award and Business Hall of Fame.

The part that I enjoy most about this business venture is the ever-changing landscape of the industry, an environment which demands creativity, passion, and constant hard work from me as a business owner. In this industry, professionals must actively work to provide the best tools and service to owners and guests, and this is something that I personally strive for on every level. Their experience is my number one priority.

While the landscape of the industry is ever-changing, the landscape of Truckee, California is timeless and unwavering in that comfortable way unique to mountain towns, even as the seasons change. I live here happily with my husband and two daughters, and the four of us love to explore the natural beauty of our home together. I want nothing more than to share this place with others and foster a memorable travel experience, especially since traveling is one of our family’s favorite things to do together. The urge to explore the world is an integral part of human nature that I wholeheartedly embrace. Our second favorite place in the world is Hawaii, and we love to visit the islands together as a family and soak in the beauty of Mother Nature, from the vivid sapphire ocean to the rich and lively rainforests. But even so, my number one favorite place on Earth will always be the cozy mountain town of Truckee, California and its surrounding natural wonders: the California sun, the crystalline Lake Tahoe, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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