North Lake Tahoe travel

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, offering scenic vistas you won’t find anywhere else, and when you travel to it’s lovely shores, you soon forget all the hassles you may have encountered at the airport on the way here! Air travel isn’t the sophisticated and luxurious activity it once was, and somedays we find ourselves missing the days when passengers dressed up for their flights and airlines didn’t charge an arm and a leg for overweight luggage. There are many pluses, however, to being able to travel across the US in just a few hours, and these tips for a light North Lake Tahoe travel promise to lessen the issues and let you enjoy your visit thoroughly!

eBooks Can Be Your Best Friend

For our guests who are bibliophiles, eBooks are a life saver, having the capability to hold hundreds of your favorite authors, but even if your idea of reading is flipping through a DIY or fashion magazine, the purchase of an eBook will be the best idea you’ve had this year. Your magazine subscriptions can be added to your library, allowing you to read any and all of your favorite articles; you can also get online and keep your social network site updated or plug in headphones and watch a movie or listen to your music. All of this can be accomplished on one device that is smaller than a magazine!

No Need to Pack Your Favorite Snacks

You can purchase snacks at the local Safeway or just purchase the ingredients and create them from scratch in one of our fully equipped kitchens! Leave the donuts behind and save the extra space for souvenirs and tchotchkes you buy during one of your shopping expeditions. Picking up necessities while you’re out also saves space; many items you will find in your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes! From dishwasher and dish soap to laundry soap and bath necessities, we even provide hair dryers, lessening your load and saving you even more room for the treasures you tote on the way home.

Smart Travelers Know

We’ve all heard the tips over the years, but sometimes it helps to see them all in one place. Wearing your heavier coat or jacket to the airport allows you to use it as a pillow or a blanket and doesn’t take up bulk in your luggage. Limit the shoes that you bring, wearing your most comfortable shoes for easy traversing of the airport. Start packing early, laying everything you think you will need out on the bed and then mercilessly culling the needless from the important! You can always wash a few items of clothing in our rental property if absolutely necessary.

You Can Count on Tahoe Signature Properties

There’s no worries or hassles when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your Tahoe hideaway, just comfort, luxury, and style. Reserve your stay with us today! We even have several short-term rentals perfect for a quick stay!