Truckee Airbnb Management

Small towns have an appeal that attracts travelers looking for peace, quiet, and a friendliness they may not find in their own big city hometown, and Truckee, located on the north shores of Lake Tahoe, has the added benefit of ruggedly majestic views with the mountains in the background and our famous lake at the forefront. Its location and small-town charm make it the perfect area for a first-time vacation rental investor to “set up shop,” and if we happen to be describing you, we would like to congratulate you on your excellent business acuity! Not all first timers get it right straight out of the chute, so your instincts are right, but if you have some fears that you may make some mistakes along the way, why not check out what we at Tahoe Signature Properties can do to help? We have exclusively been in the vacation rental business since we opened our doors nearly a decade ago, and over that expanse of time, we have learned what it takes to make vacation rental homeowners successful! Read on below to learn about our Truckee Airbnb Management!

After the Dotted Line

You have scribbled your name at all the sign here stickies, you have initialed all the highlighted areas, and the keys are in your hands, the Truckee property is yours now and you are probably feeling a mixture of excitement and dread. The good news is this is the perfect time to consider partnering with us, and although you may have a vague idea of advertising your space on Airbnb, one of the most popular vacation rental websites in the world, you still have a way to go. Today’s travelers need luxury and comfort, and even the most basic of properties can be given an added oomph with the right design; our design tips are proven successful! We can help you pretty the place up, take the photographs that show your charmer at its best, and of course, manage the little details that are required for an Airbnb ad, including writing the descriptions! As the requests come pouring in, you can sit back and watch us take care of your place as if it is our own as your coffers fill and your confidence grows!

Longevity and Cleanliness

Airbnb Truckee vacation properties get a lot of use, and it is important that it is kept clean (our local housekeeping crew will clean it to prepare for the initial rent and before and after each guest from then on) and in perfect condition. When guests arrive on their first day rolling their suitcases behind them, they will walk into a space that is sparkling clean and sanitary, with all the little necessities that many property management companies do not think about; paper towels, toilet paper, and trash can liners are not glamorous, but they are necessary! This is not all we do, however, as the third leg of our management tripod steps in, performing bi-annual inspections as well as ensuring that on your inaugural renting day, all appliances big and small are in prime working condition, that there are no broken windows, broken doors, or leaks in the roof. On the off chance that something happens while tenants are staying in the unit, our 24/7 contact line ensures that you, the homeowner, can sleep peacefully through the night while we manage what needs to be done!

The Cost of Doing Business

Not everyone feels the way we do, but there are fees associated with Truckee Airbnb Management that we just consider a part of doing business, and they will not be passed on to you! Credit card fees, professional photography charges, and even advertising costs are handled by Tahoe Signature Properties and will not show up on your monthly statement. As a matter of fact, you will only be charged management fees during the times your investment is being rented, so feel free to take advantage of your Airbnb property with vacations there, knowing you will not be paying any extra!

The Not So Fun Parts of the Airbnb Truckee Rental Business

Raking in the big bucks is the part we ALL love, but unfortunately there are other parts most homeowners are not so fond of, and by this, of course, we refer to the paperwork, the taxes, and even the monthly bills! Our Tahoe Signature Properties professional accounting services handle all of these items, ensuring that your ownership runs as smoothly as it can. We file the quarterly taxes, prepare your monthly billing statements, and at the end of the year, we provide the 1099 that tells owners exactly how much money their Airbnb property has taken in over the last 12 months! It may not be the most fun part of the business, but we do it well and are happy to take yet another chore off your shoulders.

Choose Tahoe Signature Properties

You have just made one of the largest investments of your life; give us a call today and let’s get started on the most profitable partnership you have ever been involved in!