Truckee Bars

No matter your age, whether you are a college student or deep in the wisdom of your golden years, everyone likes to let loose every now and then and have some fun. The best time to do that is when the sun goes down, the moon comes out, the lights go on, the music starts, and the fun begins. Even in Truckee, California you can find a variety of options for those of you looking to let loose as the night wanes on, and we have done all the hard work and put together a list of the top five best late-night bars in Truckee!

Bar of America

We will start off our list with Bar of America, which hosts a variety of awards, including Diner’s Choice 2020. After you taste one of their drinks and dig into their delicious bar foods, you are sure to relax and truly enjoy the night. You’ll find that they offer a wide selection of beers and specialty cocktails which pair perfectly with their selection of enjoyable bar food. You’ll find takes on old classics such as parmesan truffle fries, ahi poke nachos, or even beer steamed mussels. You’ll also find a selection of entrees including oven-fired pizzas, fish tacos, fish and chips, a pastrami and Reuben combo, and of course your classic Philly cheesesteak. To top the night off, enjoy the live music that often can be heard bustling from within its walls. So, grab a drink and some good bar food, tap your foot in rhythm to the music, and spend some time at Bar of America!

Donner Creek Brewing

Keeping in line with the theme, we will continue on to the classic brewery Donner Creek Brewing, who quote themselves as a small pico brewery. While yes, they aren’t the largest in the US, you’ll find that they are still a great welcoming place to grab a drink, relax at a table, and make new friends or share stories with your current ones. Here you’ll find a selection of different local brews, two to three of which are home-brewed by Donner Creek themselves, the rest of which are hand-brewed by local favorites which are sure to become yours too. Further, if you find yourself in a hurry, they are more than happy to give you a quick bottle to go so you can enjoy a nice cold drink wherever your destination may be. However, what truly makes Donner Creek Brewing stand out is their interesting menu which hosts a wide variety of different gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches which will pair perfectly with your ice-cold brew. You’ll find such creations as one stuffed with bacon and blackberry preserve, another with blue cheese, fig preserves, and provolone, and another spilling out the sides with generous helpings of pesto, mozzarella, Havarti, and artichoke hearts. To make things even better, with their outside seating they are more than open to your bringing your small furry friends, or even your kids. So, why not grab a cold brew, try out an experimental grilled cheese, and enjoy the company of your family as the sun sets behind you and you enjoy a good brew at Donner Creek Brewing.

The Tourist Club

While breweries, wineries, and other things of that nature are fun and enjoyable in their own right, there is just something unique and fun about the old-fashioned, anything goes Truckee bars. During the day it may seem quiet and laid back, someplace that you very well may take your family to for a quick bite. However, as the sun sinks below the horizon and the nightly creatures come out of hiding, the bar transforms into a wild place where the fun never ends. Not only are they quite the wild place to enjoy a night of fun, but they also tend to host various events throughout the week, ranging from a fun 80s night to karaoke where you can let the world see the vocal skills you have hidden. Not only is The Tourist Club popular with visitors looking to get a taste of some nightlife fun, but is also a favorite amongst the locals, particularly the younger crowd who thrive in the energic atmosphere that settles over the place every night. Further, if you can pry yourself away from the festivities, head on over to the billiard tables and show your friends your skills, or perhaps put a song on the jukebox and rock out as the drinks give you rhythm. So, enjoy the lively energy and fairly priced drinks at The Tourist Club.

Pastime Club

Finally, at number one we have the Pastime Club, which, like the previous entry, is quite the popular place to let loose and have some good old nighttime fun. You’ll find a great laid-back atmosphere which is perfect for sitting with friends and laughing as stories are shared and jokes told. This is a place that doesn’t care if you come in shorts, scrubs, painting clothes, or even your pajamas, as the Pastime Club make sit their goal to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed so you truly can enjoy your night. As well, you’ll find that there is often live music, whether that be a band jamming the night away or a DJ raising the dance floor. Even if you find yourself on a night devoid of live entertainment, the jukebox is always ready to save the day and provide the ambiance you need to let lose. However, if dancing isn’t quite your style, let the night slip by as you take each other on at either pool or shuffleboard. So, if you’re looking for a good place to relax and enjoy your company, then make sure you stop by the Pastime Club.


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