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Beautiful Lake Tahoe Ski Cabin Rentals

Immersed within the iconic Sierra Nevada mountain range, Lake Tahoe is one of the most renowned destinations in the country for ski trips. Each winter, the peaks around the Lake Tahoe area receive as much as forty feet of snowfall on average. The snow here provides the ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding, being best characterized as dry, light, and powdery—the trifecta of a skier’s dream. And with an abundance of ski resorts, many of which we have amazing Lake Tahoe ski rentals on, and starkly beautiful mountain peaks nearby, visitors to Lake Tahoe will never run out of options when it comes to where they can explore while being more isolated than hotel rentals. Click below to see the top Lake Tahoe Ski Rentals that Tahoe Signature Properties has to offer!

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The best way to take advantage of Lake Tahoe’s magnificent skiing atmosphere, of course, is to make sure wherever you decide to stay is close enough to the action to where you can spend your whole day on the slopes and not have to travel too far to get back to the cozy warmth of the fire. Continue reading on below to find out how Tahoe Signature Properties collection of regularly cleaned vacation Tahoe ski rentals can help.

Incredible and Convenient Ski Vacation Rentals

Beyond the unbelievable views that you’ll find at these Lake Tahoe ski rentals, additional perks include all of the touches that make these ski rentals in Lake Tahoe your home away from home. Ample space and privacy, a full-sized kitchen, an array of appliances, plush furnishings, and amenities provided by the community all add to the experience of skiing in Lake Tahoe.

Additionally, these Lake Tahoe ski cabin rentals have locations that simply cannot be beat. When you head out of the front door, you are mere minutes away from long, fun-filled days of playing and fun on the snow with the people you care about. The ski resorts nearby also have a bevy of attractions and activities for you to partake in, such as ice skating, dining, and shopping.

Many of the Lake Tahoe ski cabin rentals also have spas, museums, and more next door—including natural hot springs. And when you stay in one of the elite Tahoe ski rentals that are adjacent to Squaw Valley, you can even ski on the same slopes as the 1960 Winter Olympics!

Sleigh Rides

It’s not just Santa who rides a sleigh in the snow; you too can enjoy that exquisite experience. It’s true you won’t be pulled by red-nosed reindeer, nor will you fly across the winter sky, but you’ll get a fine red carriage and some well-mannered horses to take you around, so it’s close enough. Over the meadows and into the woods your trip will take you. Tucked in under a heavy blanket, you get to explore the forest in the winter from a completely different angle. It’s unique, close, and intimate. The experience will also take you back in time before the Industrial Revolution swept aside everything rustic, beautiful, and authentic in our lives and replaced it with engines. Because that’s how our forefathers used to travel around during the winter months. After the end of your one-hour long ride, don’t forget to thank your horse. A red apple would be a nice gesture.

Downhill Skiing

Hands down this is the most popular winter sport in North Lake Tahoe. Ask just about anybody heading to the area in the winter about their vacation plans and they’ll more likely than not mention downhill skiing. The thrill, the challenge, the excitement, and the desire to take your body as far as it can go. The powder snow, the challenging terrains, and the joy of planting your face into said snow. Many of the ski resorts in the area offer different trails to suit all skill levels. Beginners usually head for green trails that don’t pose much difficulty or risk either for them or for other more experienced skiers. As for those skilled daredevils, black diamond trails are waiting for them in a sort of an open challenge. If you don’t like to lug your skiing gear with you along the way, many local shops would be happy to rent you all the Tahoe ski rentals you need.

Enjoy the Après

When you’re done with your skiing and your sleigh rides, it’s time for the après. For many skiers, the après is much more fun than the sport itself. In a way that makes sense. If you ask someone to choose between planting their face in the snow or sitting pretty inside a cozy bar enjoying a drink with their buddies, it’s obvious which way they would go. But why choose when you can do both? After you enjoy your skiing, you can head to one of the many restaurants and enjoy a draft beer or a hot toddy.

Let the Vacation Experts at Tahoe Signature Properties Help You Plan the Vacation of a Lifetime!

Contact our reservations team to learn further information about the spectacular Lake Tahoe ski rental homes that we have available for your cherished ski trips and beyond in Lake Tahoe when you book your ski rental in Lake Tahoe through Tahoe Signature Properties today, such as the exclusive Mountain Top Escape or Falcon’s Eye View Retreat! We also offer weekly, monthly, and long term rentals for those looking to take an extended vacation in the area.

Right now we are working to add some ski in / ski our properties to our inventory. Thankfully our current inventory does offer many rentals close to the mountain to keep our ski and snowboarding guests happy.