Lake Tahoe Luxury Vacation Rentals

Bring your friends and family along on an excursion into the mountains that they’ll never forget when you stay in a deluxe Lake Tahoe Luxury vacation rental! Unlike the traditional cabin experience which often does not include the fineries of hospitality, guests who stay in one of the contemporary alpine homes offered by Tahoe Signature Properties will find their every vacation need accounted for in the awesomeness of the amenities in these Lake Tahoe luxury vacation homes. Additionally, these homes are nestled in conveniently centralized locales, ideally located just minutes away from the most thrilling activities and gorgeous natural settings in all of Lake Tahoe. Read on to find out how your stay can be made that much better when you choose to rent one of these fabulous Lake Tahoe luxury vacation rental properties!


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Amazing Amenities and More in Luxury Lake Tahoe Rentals

Gazing up at these magnificent, amply-sized luxury Lake Tahoe rentals from the breadth of their lengthy, tree-lined driveways, your trip begins to take on the coupled elements of both a cozy, traditional rustic alpine experience and a glamorous contemporary mountainside lifestyle.

The interiors and exteriors derive their character from the handcrafted beauty of expert stone- and woodworking. Inside, vintage-chic décor, hardwood floors, high-quality wooden furnishings, knotty pine accents, and stone fireplaces warm up these enormous spaces, transforming them from merely large and beautiful houses into your home away from home. Immense rooms supply space for living and privacy, accented by vast windows through which natural light can brighten up the floor plans with a diffusion of cheerful sunshine, serving as a compliment to the modern elegance of the resort-style bathrooms and gourmet kitchens that come with solid granite countertops and custom cabinetry.

From the open-air patios and decks outside these luxury Lake Tahoe rentals, you can take in Lake Tahoe in its mountainous glory, complete with heaping sides of lush swathes of native trees, fresh alpine air, snow-capped mountain peaks, and the glimmering waters of the lake.

Beyond these features (which come standard in every Tahoe Signature Property), these Lake Tahoe luxury homes include unbeatable amenities such as state-of-the-art electronics and incredible community features. Between the flat screen televisions, games, DVD players, custom home theater rooms, and access to pools, tennis courts, golf courses, and clubhouses that these Lake Tahoe luxury rentals provide, you’ll never run short of activities during your stay!

Lake Tahoe Water Trail

A water trail? What gives? It’s simple really. Just as there are trails on land that cut through forests and valleys, Lake Tahoe has its own trail that extends for 72 miles. But instead of hiking that trail, you just paddle it as far as your arms can pull you. The trail hugs the shoreline and comes complete with public launch, landing sites, navigation tools, routes of varying difficulty, wayfinding signage, and many other tools to help you stay safe above the water. And if you think it’s easy, you’d better rethink your definition of easy. Sometimes the wind and weather conditions create safety hazards and make it more of a challenge to paddle along the trail. The water itself is another hazard. It’s cold all year round, which means that if you fall in you need to get out of the water as quickly as you can. While planning your paddle trip, make sure to adhere the safety tips.

Vikingsholm Castle

This is Tahoe’s hidden castle. Located at Emerald Bay, it is a fine example of Scandinavian architecture. During the summer months, the castle is open for half-hour tours. This landmark was built in 1929, and even then, its unique building style was the talk of the town. Its exterior is characterized by large granite boulders being embedded in mortar, a common construction style used in building churches in Scandinavia during the 11th century. Wood carving is another feature which distinguishes the castle and is also a throwback to early Norsemen buildings. Roofs are decorated (protected?) with carved dragon heads. The interior is no less Swedish with both the ceiling and walls covered with stunning paintings. Tours start every day from 10.30 am until 4 pm. Adults are charged $10 while children only pay $8 as an entry fee.

Donner Summit Historical Society

This one-square-mile in California where Native Americans spent their summer vacation for thousands of years is a place full of wonders. From petroglyphs to projectile points and mortars, what the Native Americans left buried in Donner Summit tells a unique story about their lives, culture, and customs. You can visit the 20 Miles Museum and also take part in the historic hikes down Mt. Judah Loop Trail. This 4.3-mile trail forms a loop starting at Pacific Crest Trailhead, then climbing up Mt. Judah before it winds back down to the starting point. Between the hiking and the museum, there’s plenty to see and learn about this important part of California before heading back to one of our Lake Tahoe luxury rentals.

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