5 Bedroom North Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals

A vacation in North Lake Tahoe, as we all know, is something to look forward to. Not only are there many attractions, but the untouched beauty of the area makes for the ultimate outdoor destination. Enjoy year-round entertainment and popular activities that will keep you busy during your stay and create lasting memories. But when you’re traveling in a large group, finding accommodations can be quite tricky. Naturally, you’d want to have everybody sleeping under the same roof. It just doesn’t feel the same if you’re all hanging out together during the day, then come evening you go separate ways to your own accommodations. This is why the regularly cleaned 5-bedroom North Lake Tahoe vacation rentals offered by Tahoe Signature Properties are the perfect fit for your vacation needs.

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Space and Luxury Under One Roof

Our 5-bedroom North Lake Tahoe rentals comfortably sleep about 10 people—no bunking in together and no cramping. No thrown mattresses on the floor for people to sleep either. The bedrooms are spacious and elegant, furnished with large beds and tasteful furniture. As soon as you step into the large property, you’ll be welcomed by a living area that is big enough for your whole group or family to sit in and enjoy an evening together. Gather around the granite fireplace and bask in the warmth of the fire and companionship. And because we know you appreciate the high life, we furnished North Tahoe cabins with great taste and top-quality furniture.

Privacy and Convenience in Our North Lake Tahoe Rentals

Of course, having a large group or a big family on vacation means you’d like to have your privacy. The last thing you’d want is to throw an impromptu party only to have the neighbors complain about the noise. Our 5-bedroom vacation rentals offer both privacy and convenience. The North Lake Tahoe rentals are tucked away from the noisy town and nestled in the arms of lush and beautiful nature. And while you have all the privacy and seclusion you need, you still have access to the best spots for dining and entertainment in town. Speaking of entertainment, large rentals like the ones we offer also come with their own indoor entertainment. From the pool table to the bar and large TV sets in every room, you won’t lack something to do and enjoy with your companions inside the sprawling home.

Bring your large family, group of friends, or corporate retreat to North Lake Tahoe. We have the right vacation rental to accommodate everyone and offer you the vacation of your dreams. Call us today to book one of our North Lake Tahoe vacation rentals and to learn about the attractions in town! We also offer weekly, monthly, and long term rentals for those wanting an extended stay, all of which are more isolated than hotel rentals.