Ski Butlers

Chances are, if you’re headed out for a ski vacation in North Lake Tahoe, you’re going to need some equipment. Only the most frequent and avid skiers tend to have their own skis! The rest of us need to rent some, and that’s where Ski Butlers comes in. With 18 locations in 47 different ski resorts across North America and Europe, Ski Butlers is a true expert when it comes to fitting guests with just the right equipment to make their vacation right. Make it easy on yourself: choose Ski Butlers for ski rentals in Tahoe!

Relax and Enjoy the Powder

Ski Butlers takes the worry out of renting the ski equipment you need for things to do in Lake Tahoe during winter. Just reserve the gear you want online, either for skiing or snowboarding. They’ll meet you at your accommodations to get you fitted just right. Ski Butlers also offers full support during your vacation, so if something is uncomfortable, they’ll come meet you with new equipment in a different size to make sure you’re having fun. And of course, Ski Butlers will meet you on the last day of your trip to pick up the equipment. No hassle, no fuss!

From Beginners to Experts, They’ve Got You Covered

Ski Butlers is happy to help accommodate all levels of skiers and snowboarders seeking things to do in Lake Tahoe this winter. They’ve got just the right skis for beginners, youth, and first-time skiers. They also have high-performance gear for those who hit the expert slopes. You can select from different profiles of skis and snowboard decks, depending on your skill level and preference. Experts might also enjoy trying the high-performance ski boots or may decline to include boots with their package if they have their own already.

Online Convenience for Ski Rentals in Tahoe

One of the great things about working with Ski Butlers is the convenience of making reservations ahead of time on their awesome website. You can pick and choose the gear you need before you even arrive in Tahoe! You’ll rest easy knowing that your ski gear is definitely going to be available when you need it. Additionally, check out their great online store for any outerwear needs you may have for your trip to the snow. They’ve got a huge selection of all the best brands, collected in one place for your convenience. Ski Butlers is your one-stop-shop for all your ski and snowboard needs, so you can focus on having a great vacation!

Make the most of your trip to Tahoe by renting your accommodations from Tahoe Signature Properties. For more information about the area or to book your ski rentals, contact our reservation specialists today!

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