Truckee Ski Shops to Rent or Buy Ski Gear

When planning your next vacation in Truckee the first question that always comes to mind is whether to take your skiing equipment with you or wait until you get here to get all you need from the ski rental stores. It’s not an easy question to answer really. Some people have grown fond and used to their own personal equipment and they can’t imagine enjoying skiing without it. But of course, those people face a dilemma. Will the equipment survive the rough and tumble of air travel? And if it does, won’t it need tuning and fixing after you land just out of precaution? So even if you carry your trustee ski equipment with you everywhere, you still need a ski shop to service it. There are many Truckee ski shops that offer rental, maintenance service, and brand-new gear for all terrains.

Ski Butlers

If you’re headed out for a ski vacation in North Lake Tahoe, you’re going to need some equipment. Luckily, Ski Butlers takes the worry out of renting the ski equipment you need! With 18 locations in 47 different ski resorts across North America and Europe, Ski Butlers is a true gear expert when it comes to fitting guests with just the right equipment they need for their skiing and snowboarding excursions! Check out Ski Butlers to for all of your gear reservations!

Tahoe Sports Hub

As one of the largest outdoor shops in the area, Tahoe Sports Hub offers a great variety of Tahoe ski rentals, as well as apparel for all types of sports that you can enjoy in the area all year round, from skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, and snowshoeing to summer equipment including mountain bikes, paddleboards, and kayaks. In addition to rental services, they also tune and repair your equipment, offer a lot of pro tips, and also provide boot fitting.

Truckee Ski Rentals at Tahoe Dave’s

With 40 years of experience in the business, Tahoe Dave’s has been a provider of top brands of sports equipment for rent and purchase. This well-known store specializes in winter sports, offering snowshoes, cross-country gear and rental clothing for all ages. And for convenience, the store lets you rent the equipment you want and return it to any of their four North Lake Tahoe stores nearest to you.

The Backcountry

Operating since 1993, The Backcountry not only provides excellent Truckee ski rentals but also offers helpful tips and advice. If you think their gear is great, wait till you hear their advice pointing you the right way, from the right trails for your level of expertise to the best ski runs and rides.

Blue Zone Sports

This local business is one of the top Tahoe ski shops because it has gained the trust of the community because of the great service it provides. From the good quality brands and maintenance service, they believe that they’re offering more than a product. What you get from them is an experience.

Truckee is a good place to rent or buy your ski gear, and now that you got that covered, it’s time to look for a place to stay. Call us to find out about the great vacation properties we have lined up for you.

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