Enjoy Memorial Day in Lake Tahoe

Where has the year gone? It seems as if it were only yesterday that we were recovering from the winter holidays, glad to have a bit of normality back in our lives, and then BOOM! The year is nearly half over and we are eagerly awaiting the first long weekend after three long months without! Memorial Day is a day designed to honor those who have sacrificed everything for our freedoms but it is also known as the official kickoff to summer and if your journey is bringing you to the ruggedly beautiful Lake Tahoe region and a stay in one of our luxurious Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaways, this guide to your “Yay, it’s almost summer!” activities will ensure that your Memorial Day in Lake Tahoe isn’t just fun and exciting, but memorable as well!

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Sunrise Over the Lake

There is never going to be a more beautiful sight than that of the sun rising over Lake Tahoe. Memorial Day weekend can still be pretty cool, with ski season having only ended a few weeks before, so bundle up before heading out to view Mother Nature’s finest performance. These last moments before dawn are quiet ones, perhaps lending themselves to your remembering your favorite hero, and as the sky lightens from inky black to gray, pink, and then a deep shade of cerulean, revealing the craggy depths of the mountains that surround you and the crystal clear waters of the lake below you, you will feel your soul calm. And once the world is bright and gorgeous, you can always head back to your summer sanctuary to grab a couple of hours more sleep; it is the holiday weekend of course!

Memorable Holiday Meals This Memorial Day in Lake Tahoe

You have lots of options for meals during your long weekend in paradise, including, of course, preparing them yourself in our fully equipped kitchens! State-of-the-art appliances and bright and cheerful spaces will entice you to try out a few of your favorite meals, but as you are on vacation, chances are most of your dining time will be spent enjoying a taste of Tahoe! The Fire Sign Café, 1785 W Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City, serves the best breakfast in the region offering large plates filled with your favorite breakfast foods, all guaranteed to do more than just fill your stomach because these comfort foods feed your soul as well! Come back for lunch and fill up on juicy burgers, thick sandwiches topped with your favorite ingredients, and on cooler days, the soup of the day which is guaranteed to warm you from the inside out! Dinner in Tahoe can be just as exclusive but a lot more friendly than big city places where you feel yourselves being judged before you walk in the door, and the Cottonwood Restaurant and Bar, 10142 Rue Hilltop in Truckee, is the perfect example. Offering tantalizing views of the mountain, this restaurant promises to give guests a dining experience they won’t soon forget. Featuring a menu filled with a variety of dishes ranging from fresh salads, sandwiches, and steaks, the food will capture your attention, but the surroundings will wow you as you glance around the ski lodge that was built by hand in the late 1920s.

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Time to Put on Your Hiking Boots

The majestic beauty of Lake Tahoe can be easily appreciated from behind the glass of oversized windows in your Tahoe Signature Properties holiday escape, but the best way to enjoy it is to get out and play! Hiking is a popular non-winter sport and our position, perched between a lake and the mountains and lying on the border of two states, can make your hikes all that much more memorable! The Historic Stateline Fire Lookout trail can give you views of all of the above, taking you up to where spotters used to look for fires, which tells you that these views are going to be beyond perfect! It’s an easy hike, paved its entire 2 and a half miles so that families with strollers or wheelchairs can enjoy a Memorial Day in the midst of all this beauty and although there is a bit of an incline, it will definitely be worth the extra effort, especially when you are standing on the state line between California and Nevada!

Freedom, Family, and Fun

As we remember the heroes who sacrificed it all on this holiday dedicated to memories, spending these moments with your family gathered around will bring the most fun, especially those moments spent enjoying the creature comforts and luxury amenities of our Tahoe Signature Properties Memorial Day escapes! Grill your favorite meats on decks that overlook the rugged landscape and then enjoy the meal outside allowing the views to fill your heart as your perfectly prepared steaks fill the empty spaces in your stomach! Reserve your favorite today!

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