The annual family vacation is a tradition that runs all the way back to settler days, only in those early days of our nation, the family vacation was more of a trip cross country in covered wagons, in the search for greener pastures. Once they arrived at their destination, the father would go into the woods to cut down trees to build a log cabin, simple, pure, and designed to give them a roof over their heads and a door between them and the wildlife that lived outside. Today many things have changed about our travels, we fly or drive instead of sitting behind a team of horses, we play more, and definitely don’t build our own cabins, but when you begin to plan your upcoming Lake Tahoe vacation, your journey can begin and end in our Tahoe Signature Properties Three Pines Family Cabin. Offering 3 tranquil bedrooms, 2 spa-like baths, and a location tucked away in the cool pines, this cabin is destined to be an integral part of your vacation experience.

Stunning and Welcoming

The plank siding of Three Pines, combined with the blue tin roof gives this lovely cabin the appearance of taking a step back in time, but once the front door swings open, guests will happily walk into a space that is warm, welcome, and thoroughly modern. High ceilings covered in naturally stained planks of wood mirror the wood flooring below. Offering an open concept floor plan, the living room is the first space you encounter, comfortably furnished with leather sofas placed opposite a wood stove and flat-screen television, flanked by bookshelves filled with art, books, and a few board games that will hopefully be put to good use during your family vacation.

The dining room, located just beyond the living space, is anchored by a large wood table surrounded by matching chairs that are cushioned to ensure your own seat is comfortable no matter how long you remain seated. This is the perfect space for playing the board games you pulled from the shelves, building puzzles, and devouring meals. Use it as a temporary office space or simply sit and sip coffee, staring out onto the beauty of the Tahoe landscape as you mull over the adventures you have been enjoying. The kitchen, located just steps away, provides updated appliances, a cheerful vibe, and the all-important coffee maker, something every traveler needs to stay properly caffeinated.

Outside, a wood deck provides more places to sit, dine, and cook as a barbecue grill comes with the cabin. Sit and savor the night sky, the sounds of nature, and be able to do nothing for however long you want. A community hot tub, swimming pool, rec center, gym, and access to a golf course ensure that your stay in Three Pines will be filled with fun and whimsy every day of your stay. Horseback riding is a popular Lake Tahoe activity and is one of the amenities that will make your vacation highlight reel. The views from this backyard will make you believe in bigger things, bringing peace and tranquility to your life, and even in the winter months you will want to spend at least a few minutes of every day rejoicing in its wonders.

Back inside the home, it is time to take a peek at the private areas of our beautiful and comfortable cabin. Comfort is the key word here, with the bedrooms providing tranquility and serenity that lends itself to the best night’s sleep of your life. Each of the 3 bedrooms offers something unique and special, with queen beds anchoring two of the rooms and a twin bed and twin bunk beds in the third room where your littles will giggle, share whispered secrets, and finally drop off into a deep and contented sleep. Two bathrooms offering updated fixtures and tub/showers and a fully equipped laundry room complete the tour of wonders that Three Pines offers.

Time for Family in The Three Pines Family Cabin

However, you spend your days exploring the beauty of Lake Tahoe, and coming home every night to the beauty and serenity of Three Pines cabin will give you the moments you remember most. Relax in its comforts, revel in its charms, and relish all the extra time you get to spend with your family under the shelter of its tin roof. Real life often interferes with the time we get to spend with family, but during your Tahoe getaway, your bonds will be strengthened and all will be well in your world! Reserve this special cabin today and discover all the ways Tahoe Signature Properties and our Three Pines family cabin can change the way you vacation forever.