Welcome to Tahoe Bear Den, where the mountains of California are calling and waiting! This luxurious property was meant to entertain. With four bedrooms, two baths, and able to fit ten guests, Tahoe Bear Den has ample space to host a large party, built with the space in mind that requires maximum comfort and relaxation.

With looming views all around the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the stunning nature of California is on proud display. You can peak at the trees from any window in the house and always feel like the mountains and enticing California wilderness never feel too far away and are close by for your constant enjoyment.

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Inside the Den

The inside of this beautiful Lake Tahoe rental home is the picture of ornate, modern furnishing. The ceilings are high, partnered well with soft lighting that fuses effortlessly with the natural light streaming through the many windows lining the walls of the living room. Tranquillity and style meet wonderfully in Tahoe Bear Den. The living room is quaint and cozy, complete with a gas fireplace to add to the ambiance.

Behind the living room, the kitchen peaks through a paneless window. The kitchen is grand and certainly the heart of the home. Built with a deep bar as the counter, barstools line the counter that overlooks the stove meant for the cooking enthusiasts. The panels are painted a soothing green that matches the trees outside. The open cabinets make the kitchen not feel blocked off–they make it feel bigger and less crowded. To the side of the kitchen waits a long dining table ready to hold all the food prepared in the excellent kitchen. The dining table can seat a host of guests, built to support the grand meal that comes from a gathering.

The Main Floor of This Lake Tahoe Rental Home

The first floor of Tahoe Bear Den flows like the revered waters that encompass the area of Lake
Tahoe. Just to the side of the dining room is the first guest bedroom. Furnished with both a double and a queen-sized bed, this bedroom can fit multiple guests without sacrificing comfort and space.

The other bedroom on the first floor is a second guest bedroom. This bedroom is a great room for the kids you brought along as it has a bunk bed with a trundle bed!


The stairs leading to the second floor are few. Tahoe Bear Den’s floorplan is open and flows masterfully together, and the upstairs is certainly no exception. Immediately upon the second floor is a carpeted upstairs living room. This room is arguably the real lounging room meant for comfort, movies, and games. The quiet restfulness that exudes from the living room, due to both its relaxing grey and rust color patterns and the deep-seated couches, creates an environment meant for peace and rest. This room instigates together time that strengthens connection and community.

The room immediately next to the loft is a nursery for families with young children. Equipped with two cribs, Tahoe Bear Den is ready to accommodate the littlest ones of the party. Their comfort has been thought of as well, as the room is calming with soft colors and no overwhelming decorations or lighting. It’s the perfect room in the entire house for resting young ones.

There is a separate flight of stairs from the second floor that goes to the beautiful master bedroom. Chic and comforting, the sage green accent walls pair perfectly with the crisp white of the sheets on the plush king-sized bed and the walls. A mounted flat-screen hangs above a generously-sized desk. This room is the only one in Tahoe Bear Den that has a connecting bathroom. Complete with a single sink and a shower with a tub, the master is perhaps the most private room in the house.

The Stunning Backyard

Tahoe Bear Den’s backyard is wooded and perfect for hammocking. The trees are spread just perfect for both the illusion of privacy as well as a camping ground. The backyard has a contained wildness to it that is but a taste of the wilderness waiting around Lake Tahoe, but when at home and resting for the day, it serves as a more than capable view of California outdoors.

Tahoe Bear Den may be rooted in the woods, but it does not forget its comfort in style. On the slightly elevated deck, a four-seat hot tub overlooks the backyard, and the long table for outside dining and hangs. The patio wraps around the side of the house where a smaller hang-out spot hides in the corner for a more private getaway from the rest of the house.

Rest Luxuriously

Tahoe Bear Den is the perfect blend between wild California outdoors and the comfort that comes with the luxury of having all the appliances of modernity. For those who want the best of both worlds, the outdoors and the niceties of having a fully functioning bar-style kitchen with plenty of room for a host of guests, Tahoe Bear Den is the vacation rental made for you. Book with us today!

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