Life on the lake is truly a sweet one, offering the feeling of eternal summer, even during the coldest months of the year and our Tahoe Signature Properties Sweetbriar Lakefront 4 is the perfect example. Offering 3 quiet bedrooms designed for comfort, 2 and a half baths, and in nearly every room in the home, oversized windows that stare out onto the everchanging beauty of the lake, this lovely property is a beautiful way to stay comfortable and keep your toes in the sand. Our guide to all the charms of Sweetbriar Lakefront 4 serves as a peek into a crystal ball that only reveals the vacation of your dreams in this lakefront Tahoe rental.

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Breathe Deep

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s the little things that often get pushed aside; stopping to enjoy an especially beautiful sunset, the smell of spring flowers that waft through the air, and the ability to take a moment or two to breathe deep and relax, for example. Sweetbriar Lakefront 4 will change all of that, enticing guests to pay attention to the little things as they relax and get comfortable, although the first sight of those incredible views may make you forget to breathe at all, if only just for a moment. The bright and charming townhome keeps no secrets, its open floor plan revealing all its charms. Featuring a living room decorated in shades of the lake and sandy beaches, its soft blue sofa invites guests to nap, watch the state of the art television hanging opposite, or read in front of a roaring fire on cooler days. The views of the beach and the lake just beyond, however, unobstructed by a wall of glass that takes up the back of the living room, may make it impossible to do anything but enjoy the wonders offered by Mother Nature. The kitchen takes up space in the front half of the townhome, offering a peaceful expanse of white, updated appliances, and more opportunities to enjoy those views that make vacation life that much more wonderful, while the dining room centers the entire downstairs space. Offering seating for 6, this space can be used as your game central station, your vacation planning spot, or, of course, a spot to enjoy hearty breakfasts, quick lunches, and elaborate dinners whenever the mood to cook strikes! (North Lake Tahoe offers plenty of delicious restaurants, so don’t cook if you don’t want to, just enjoy being able to have the option!) A half bath on this level is white, bright, and convenient.

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Private Spaces in Our Lakefront Tahoe Rental

The lower level of Sweetbriar Lakefront 4 is for public fun, but the upstairs offers a magical adventure in comfort and peace. The 3-bedrooms and remaining two baths take up this level, including a master suite. Offering a king bed centered under a coffered ceiling, the lake and beach hues continue into this room, magnified by the views of the lake and the beach visible along the back wall of the room. A private balcony containing a small table and two chairs gives guests the opportunity to revel in moments of peace and quiet as they sip coffee and watch the day about to begin or sip wine and watch it draw to its natural close. The pride of the ensuite bath is a jetted tub, tucked away in a corner surrounded by windows and destined to be the most popular spot inside the house. Bedrooms 2 and 3 share access to the 2nd full bath and offer quiet luxuries in the form of peace and comfort. A queen bed is at the center of the 2nd bedroom while two twin beds in the third bedroom give the youngest travelers a place to call their own on this vacation in paradise!

Loving that Lake Life

And then there are those moments that are so magical you know you will never be able to repeat them, the moments spent outside Sweetbriar Lakefront 4. The sounds that accompany lake life act as a conveyor of peace as you and your family sit out on lounge chairs, either on the back deck or on the sand at shore’s edge. A tall pine tree provides shade closer to the patio, ensuring the meals you grill and enjoy are pleasurable ones not ones in the warmer summer months. In the distance, the mountains that are an integral part of our lakeside towns and villages stand guard, perhaps still topped with the final snows of winter. Every second spent lakeside is worth more to the peace of your soul than a million minutes spent at the spa and Sweetbriar Lakefront 4 promises to bring all the peace you deserve. Reserve this charming townhome today and discover just how much you needed the comfort it provides as you relax and recharge.

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