North Lake Tahoe Airbnb Management

As you delve deeper into the world of vacation rental ownership, you may be interested or even slightly concerned about how you will be able to let people know about the incredible homes you offer, but when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties to manage your investment, in addition to leaving the hard work to us, we also ask you to leave the worrying to us! We treat your property like it was one of our own, showing it off to its best advantage, and that includes posting it on Airbnb; the word will get out, and your open nights will be few and far between! This guide to what you can expect with our North Lake Tahoe Airbnb Management will help you understand more clearly what a great idea it is to make us a part of your team!

Luxury Homes Are Our Specialty

We seek a more discerning clientele when it comes time to rent out your home, for a lot of reasons, including the safety and longevity of your expensive investment. Maximizing your rental income means researching the market and determining what you should charge for each night, and if we do our jobs right, your Airbnb North Tahoe property will be rented out much more than if you handled it yourself. We know that charging too much will chase potential renters away and charging too little will lose you income, so we work hard to ensure your home is rented for just the right amount.

Full Airbnb North Tahoe Service

After giving you design tips (if needed) and marketing your home on Airbnb (and all the other vacation rental sites), we don’t leave you stranded and unsure how to complete the heavy labor necessary. Our housekeeping and maintenance crews are local and know how to get the job done, so we included scheduling their services between guests. Using eco-friendly cleaners that are good for the environment, they also sanitize and disinfect according to the CDC guidelines so your guests will always arrive at a home that is sparkling clean and safe for their health. And because you will not want to worry about stocking up on supplies every time a guest checks in and out, we provide a welcome package, so to speak, that includes toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and pretty much everything else they will need to move in and relax! Pre-check in and after check-out inspections are also included to make sure that everything is ready and in tip-top shape for visitors and that nothing was destroyed during their stay.

No Nickel and Diming

Many property management companies take delight in adding fees and normal operating costs to the total owed by the owner, but we look at those fees as a regular part of business, ensuring your statement stays exactly what we agreed upon in the initial stages. Yes, there may be other expenses such as a new water heater or a window broken during a storm that needs to be fixed, but we will discuss what action needs to be taken with you, ensuring there are no surprises when the next bill comes.

Middle of the Night Phone Calls and Bi-Annual Inspections

The best part of hiring a North Lake Tahoe Airbnb Management company is being able to sleep uninterrupted through the night! We take those middle of the night emergencies and deal with them in a timely fashion that ensures your guests will be kept comfortable. And because life is busy and during the high rental season wear and tear on items in your home can cause problems, we also conduct bi-annual inspections, hopefully eliminating those middle of the night phone calls, as we will find the potential issues before they become an issue for you or your guests!

The Part No One Likes to Do

Yes, we have reached the part where we talk about paperwork and tax stuff, and although you may not like having to handle it, we absolutely love doing it all! Our professional accounting services include preparing your monthly statement, taking care of your quarterly taxes, and at the end of the year you will receive an annual 1099 for your tax purposes, but also so you can see exactly how much money came in over the last 12 months! Compare the 1099 to your monthly statements and be amazed at how we manage to keep the costs down while taking care of your biggest investment as if it were our own!

Don’t Wait Another Minute

Waiting too long to make the decision to hire us can actually lose you money! Give us a call today or fill out our property management form to get your investment property listed with us!