Lake Tahoe Attractions

As we slide into the final seasons of 2020, most of us are ready to forget the first half of the year existed. Uncertain times brought about a worldwide pandemic and an unprecedented timeout that had us locked inside our homes, unable to venture out except for food and medical care. But as cooler temperatures prevail, we are beginning to see a change once again. The timeout has ended, travel restrictions have lifted, and all those plans we made from the comfort of our sofas are about to come to fruition! If your quarantine virtual explorations have been traded in for a real-life journey to the beauty of North Lake Tahoe, this guide to natural Lake Tahoe attractions will keep you happily occupied as you explore the great outdoors of our favorite lakeside hometown.

Lake Tahoe

It would be like ignoring the elephant in the room if we didn’t start out with the largest and most popular natural attraction in the area. Lake Tahoe gave our town its name and is a huge part of what draws visitors from all over the world! Featuring crystal-clear waters that allow visitors to peer easily into its depths, it may not be the largest lake in the world (Lake Baikal in Siberia) or even in the US—Lake Superior has that claim—but it is easily the most beautiful one. Tucked away between the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the Carson Mountain Range, it evokes feelings of peace and tranquility, and if you can’t watch the sunset from one of its many sandy beaches during your stay, it will be a missed opportunity you will regret forever!

Donner Memorial State Park

Although the name came from tragedy, the Donner Memorial State Park is prime example of the beauty of the area. Offering hiking trails that follow in the footsteps of early residents and mountains and hills created from granite, even the “leftover” boulders from glaciers that melted long ago add to the rugged landscape. In the fall, the area is alive with vibrant colors of trees dressed in their autumn finest, and in the winter the snow-covered grounds offer a peaceful quiet that never fails to please. Located just outside Truckee, the memorial itself isn’t considered a natural attraction, but does offer a natural place to stop and learn more about the area.

Truckee River

Nothing beats spending a day on the river, and the Truckee River, an outlet of Lake Tahoe, is one of the best places to do so, offering great places to commune with nature by fishing for trout with the mountains standing guard in the background, lazily floating down river watching the landscape pass you by, or simply taking pictures with the family. The idyllic beauty of the vistas available at the Truckee River is ever-changing, especially as the seasons flip. Frequent clean-up days sponsored by the town of Truckee keep it looking pristine, and the occasional squeals of white-water rafters conquering class II or class III rapids adds to the appeal.

Eagle Rock Hiking Trail

The breathtaking vistas found along Eagle Rock Hiking Trail should not be overlooked! Eagle Rock is a granite outcropping overlooking Lake Tahoe and the mountains off in the distance; it makes the perfect spot for a family portrait, romantic picnic, or simply a spot to sit and contemplate life’s questions. The trails lead you to rock passes through wooded areas that come alive with color during the cooler days of fall and past the lake itself. Hikers often come in contact with the wildlife that inhabit the Lake Tahoe region and birdwatchers enjoy keeping track of the large variety of bird species who also make their homes here.

Mount Pluto

If you think the mountains are spectacular from below, ascending to their summits is an awe-inspiring experience you will never forget; Mt. Pluto is the direction you should be heading! Home to the Northstar California Ski Resort, this mountain was once a very active volcano, but since its last eruption was over 2 million years ago, it is now considered an extinct volcano on which it is quite safe to ski! Popular with visitors from all over the world, the views from the summit will take your breath away, no matter what season you are visiting. And although skiing is limited to winter visits, hiking the mountain in the spring, summer, and fall will offer plenty of exercise and even more photo opportunities!

Comfortable and Stylish

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