Enjoy chocolate and more on your valentine's getaway to North Lake Tahoe

As we flip the calendar page from the holiday season to the new year, we all give a sigh of relief that the busiest and most stressful time of the year has come to an end. We pack away the Christmas decorations, we toss the empty champagne bottles into the recycle bin, and happily pull up our DVR list of shows we were too busy to watch, dressed in our favorite comfy clothes. The new season is one of rest and relaxation, and we are more than ready for the break—except for one tiny detail lurking in the deepest darkest months of winter. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know your Valentine deserves something extra special after the year you both just survived! Fortunately, we know how to make sweethearts happy with a getaway to North Lake Tahoe and a stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties luxury love nests! This guide to love and romance on the lake will ensure that this year’s holiday for lovers will be one neither of you forget.

Breakfast for Two

Whether you decide to go all out and prepare a breakfast feast that will make your queen smile or you feel the need to let someone else to do the cooking, North Lake Tahoe is a foodie’s paradise! Pick up all the fresh ingredients you need at one of our local grocery stores (Do not forget a fragrant smelling bloom to bring a sparkle to her eyes!) and spend a few of your precious minutes in our fully equipped kitchens preparing a meal that will sate your hunger. For those who feel uneasy in the culinary arts department, a visit to Rosie’s Café at 571 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City will offer a treat for your taste buds neither of you will forget. Housed in a cozy cottage, the interior features lofty ceilings and a décor filled with treasures from the past, but it is their Scandinavian Pancakes topped with Lingonberry Sauce that will have you coming back again and again during your North Lake Tahoe getaway!

Something Sweet Is Always a Good Idea

If you only gave chocolates as your Valentine’s gift, it could get rather boring and predictable, but when given in addition to your spectacular North Lake Tahoe getaway, well, the results will be rather pleasing! A visit to Tahoe City Chocolates has the added attraction of being inside Boatworks Shopping Mall, allowing you to make another stop which we will talk about later; this moment is all about the sweet rich chocolates found in our idea of paradise! Pick out a box of one choice selection or step out of that box and let your Valentine choose whatever their eye lands on, but be sure to add at least one of their s’mores chocolates to the mix. (You can thank us for this sweet tip later!) Be aware, however, that pandemic changes have taken place here as well; only one group of people is allowed in the shop at a time, so there could be a wait.

Since You Are Already There

A mall can strike fear into the hearts of non-shoppers, but remember: the love of your life has given so much that a little sacrifice on your part is worth it! Steve Schmier’s Jewelry store is one of our favorite ways to say, “I love you,” (as well as “I am sorry!”), and it can be found right here at Boatworks Shopping Mall! Offering fine jewelry that glitters oh so nicely, we are especially fond of their Lake Tahoe jewelry pieces; yes, they have designed pendants in the shape of the lake which are available in many styles and prices. If your budget is tight, their sterling silver Lake Tahoe Pendant made with aquamarine costs under $100, but if the sky is the limit, be sure to examine their fancy diamond and opal Lake Tahoe necklaces—or anything in between! These beautifully designed pieces will serve double duty as proof of your love and a beautiful reminder of your days spent enjoying each other’s company in Lake Tahoe.

Straight to the Heart On a Getaway to North Lake Tahoe

As this day of hearts and roses draws closer to an end, you both know that the truest way to your Valentine’s heart is through their stomach. A romantic meal at Trokay, 10046 Donner Pass Road in Truckee, can help you make that shortcut! Open for takeout only at this moment (but we are all expecting that to change before Valentine’s Day), they offer an innovative and imaginative prix-fixe menu; right now, their Social Distance Pop Up menu features cuisines of Texas and includes a variety of selections from all over the great state of Texas! Their fried gator with remoulade sauce is a delicious appetizer, and their Buñuelos (fried dough with sugar, spices, and honey) offer the perfect beginning and end to a romantic meal at home in your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation getaway!

Luxury, Comfort, and Romance

All can be found beneath the roof of our Tahoe Signature Properties stylish love nests. Reserve yours today!