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Tahoe Wakebusters

If you’re looking for the best way to get out on Lake Tahoe and enjoy some fun in the sun, you have to make sure to check out Tahoe Wakebusters—the premier boat rental company in the Lake Tahoe area!


Locally Owned and Operated

Tahoe Wakebusters was founded by Bobby and Jarod Minghini, a pair of brothers whose passion for the great outdoors and the Lake Tahoe area led them to their dream of helping to share their love with others! This passion of the great outdoors is what is at the center of their business, and their knowledge of outdoor sports and the Lake Tahoe area is arguably better than any other rental company in the region. Now what does this mean for you as a customer? It means you are guaranteed nothing but the best from the experts. They can not only point you in the right direction of what to do on the lake, but also will guarantee you are equipped with nothing but the finest equipment to ensure an experience that is truly unforgettable!


Flexible Rentals to Fit Your Needs

As part of this commitment to providing you with the best service and equipment possible, Tahoe Wakebusters is proud to be able to offer flexible rentals that best fit your specific needs! It all starts with their rental boats, which can be made to fit parties of just about every size. Whether you need a small open row boat for 2-12 people or a big double decker pontoon with up to 20 seats, they’ve got you covered! They also feature a number of different rental options so you can have the boat for exactly how long you need without feeling rushed. Two hours, a few days, an entire week—you name it, they have a rental plan available for you!


We’re Also Here to Help with Fun!

In addition to offering some of the best open bow power boats available in Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Wakebusters also wants to make sure that you have as much fun as possible while out on the lake, and to help ensure this commitment, every single one of their open bow power boats comes with all the equipment you could need! Each of these rentals comes with water tubes, wakeboards, and water skis to help make sure the fun doesn’t stop!

So make sure to check out Tahoe Wakebusters and see how they can help you make memories that will last a lifetime on Lake Tahoe today! You can visit them online any time at http://www.tahoewakebusters.com/, or call and book your rental at (775) 241-4039 today! Browse our apartment vacation rentals in North Lake Tahoe!

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