Summer on the East Fork of the Carson River

You may need to drive a little longer than you originally planned, the East Fork of Carson River is about an hour from your South Tahoe vacation rental, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Tracing its roots back over 12,000 years, the Native Americans who lived along the shores of the Carson River owed their lives to its bounty, as it offered not just water for drinking and bathing, but food in the form of the wild animals that drank from its watery depths. In 1989, The Carson River was declared a “Wild and Scenic River,” thus protecting it and allowing it to become the recreational spot it is today.

Primarily used for fishing and rafting, the East Fork of the Carson River offers Class II rapids, making it the perfect place for novice rafters to get their feet wet, if you’ll forgive the pun. Families love the scenic landscape as they float in peace and tranquility down the stream. It’s difficult for squabbling siblings to remember what they were arguing about when they catch side of soft eyed does sipping daintily at river’s edge. The magic of an East Fork Carson River rafting trip brings families close together, if only for a little while.

Stay With Tahoe Signature Properties After Your Trip to the East Fork!

Life can be stressful and families can be drawn apart by the daily business of living, and vacations can mend the cracks that have formed. Book yours today and discover how a rafting adventure can bring you closer than you were before. Our homes are built for families; what are you waiting for?

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