Truckee Historic Walking Tour

Truckee is an old town which got its name from an Indian guide. As the Indian guide led a bunch of white settlers west, the settlers, in gratitude for his service, named the town after him. But the Indian wasn’t called Truckee; his name to non-native ears sounded a lot like “Tro-kay,” so Truckee it was. The year was 1844 and Truckee’s history started from that point. Today you can feel and touch all that history in the buildings, the architecture, the museums, and the streets and alleys of the town when you enjoy the many things to do near Lake Tahoe.

Walking Tours and Family Activities in Lake Tahoe

Historic downtown Truckee is well worth a visit. The Truckee Donner Historical Society offers some of the best tours and family activities in Lake Tahoe. Each tour takes about one and a half hours and covers less than a mile. But you will notice neither the time nor distance as you explore the rich history of this town. The tour covers Jibboom Street (used to be called Main Street) and Donner Pass Road. The guide has some remarkable anecdotes about the history of the town and won’t shy away from giving a candid view of what really went down here when law and order hadn’t been established yet.

Old Jail Museum

The Old Jail was built in 1875, shortly after the settlement known as Truckee became big enough to draw the bad guys. Those bad guys deserved a place of their own for accommodation since the sheriff’s jail couldn’t hold so many criminals. The jail also served other towns in the area. When you walk inside you can still feel the despair of the inmates and read the messages they left on the walls of the cells. The tour also sheds light on some of the industries that flourished in the area in the last century. These include ice and lumber industries.

Historical Haunted Tour

Mystery haunts almost every town or city that goes back in time to the 19th century, such as Charleston, New Orleans, and even New York. They all have their dark secrets and creepy mansions where sightings of the abnormal have been reported, if not verified. Truckee has its share of such mysteries as well. Learn about the unrequited ghosts that roam the abandoned houses looking for closure. Some of the stories are gory while others are merely amusing. The tour funds the local art and environment scene so you will be contributing to the community.

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