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Lake Tahoe is a remote place on the border of Nevada in Northern California. It takes some getting to, but people travel here throughout the year for a variety of reasons, including the beauty of the area and the recreation it provides. There are many ways to take advantage, but the services of HeliTahoe Helicopters are some of the best and most unique. This company is the premiere helicopter tour company in the area, and an experience with them always ranks among the most memorable for the area’s visitors.

Tours Unlike You Have Ever Experienced

There are many different tours that feature different aspects of this beautiful area for durations anywhere between 20 minutes to a full hour. The most basic of the experiences provided is that of the Crystal Bay and Mont Rose Tour. This 20-minute flight gives you unprecedented views of turquoise waters and the gorgeous coastline leading up to it. You get to see mountains beautifully painted by the fading daylight and some of the most remote areas of the northern side of the lake that you would otherwise never see. There are also tours that take you away from the lake and immerse you in the remote and seldom visited beauty of the Sierra Mountains. You will be inspired by the vast valleys and massive mountains in between. You can also experience endless remote coves and bays and endless wilderness.

They also offer much more than opportunities to see simply see the beauty of the area by providing half day and full day fly fishing trips. They take you to the best areas for fly fishing that you would never be able to access without the help of one of their helicopters. It starts with a 30-minute ride through which you get to enjoy incredible beauty from this vantage point, culminating in a landing in the best shadowed pools for fly fishing. After a day spent in the peaceful bliss, you get to head back comfortably with your catch! They have tours that depart from the Truckee Airport and the South Tahoe Airport, so accessing this amazing opportunity is easy regardless of where you are staying around the lake.

There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of the area, but none that provide an experience quite like this. Call them at (530) 214-0711 and their friendly staff will do a great job of outlining all of your options and finding the perfect experience for you and your group. Find the same quality service by emailing at [email protected] or just stop by the headquarters in Truckee at 12219 Business Park Drive Ste 12.

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