Climbing Lover’s Leap

Reputedly named for two Native American lovers who jumped from the peak to avoid being married to others, Lover’s Leap is what is known as a moderate granite cliff, perhaps one of the best in the nation. Offering multiple trails for skill levels that range from novice to intermediate, the climbing is easier and more laidback in this part of the mountain ranges that surround Lake Tahoe. Located right outside of South Tahoe near the small town of Strawberry, Lover’s Leap is on National Forest land and the climbing is free. The best time to attempt this peak is in May, June, or in the early fall. Too late in the summer can be too hot, and too late in the fall can bring ice to the cliffs, making the climb slippery and dangerous.

Knapsack Crack

Often described as a warm-up route, it is probably one of the best routes for beginning climbers at Lover’s Leap. Knapsack Crack slowly climbs up over 300 feet with a moderate granite surface that is protected from the elements. It takes about an hour and a half to reach the top, but don’t get discouraged if it takes you longer; slow and steady is always safest and best.

Traveler Buttress

This route is geared towards more experienced climbers, but is one that offers a full body workout. The hot tub back at your Tahoe Signature Properties starts to look pretty good about halfway through this 600-foot, four-hour ascent. But keep with it; the top views will rock your world!

Relax with Tahoe Signature Properties After Your Lovers Leap Rock Climbing Venture!

Climbing Lover’s Leap can be tough on muscles not used to the constant effort of reaching that next niche, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself eager to get back to your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation home at the end of your climb. Book yours today and be sure to ask for one with a hot tub; your sore and tired muscles will thank you!

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