Fifty Fifty Brewing Company in Truckee

While drinking wine has always been thought of as a symbol of sophistication and style, beer has often been described as the working man’s drink. It’s cold and refreshing after a long day’s work, but not something that magazines or books would be written about. Overlooked and underappreciated like the working man himself, beer was considered nothing special—but not anymore.

Craft beer has exploded onto the scene, and terms like growler, IPA, and beerstorming are taking the world by storm! Brewery tours and beer flights are growing in popularity as breweries are starting to pop up in even the smallest towns and communities. Although it has been around for years, the Fifty Fifty Brewery in Truckee is one such place. Open every day of the week from 11AM until 9PM, this moderate to expensively priced fine establishment sets the bar for what a brewery should accomplish!

Located at 11197 Brockway Road, Suite 1 in Truckee

The wood framed building with a green roof that houses the wonder that is Fifty Fifty Brewing Company blends in with the trees that surround it; it’s only in the winter when the trees are bare of leaves that you are able to see it clearly. Inside, the dim lights, dark walls, and an industrial style bar combine to create a warm and cozy ambience that is also hip and cool. You can’t help but want to be one of the “cool kids” from the first moment you walk in the door! And guess what? If craft beer is your thing, you ARE a cool kid, so pull up a seat and let the drinking commence!

We Love Bar Food at Fifty Fifty Brewery in Truckee

Although its not something we should brag about, there’s just something about a gooey slice of pizza, a basket of chips and queso, or a gigantic plate of wings that makes our hearts skip a beat, and Fifty Fifty Brewing excels in giving the customers what they want: simple bar food that complements, without overwhelming, the flavors of the beers they are drinking!

But What About That Beer?

Their Eclipse Beer is worth shouting about, and every year they hold an Eclipse Release Party to celebrate the latest and greatest flavors added to the Eclipse line. This year’s release party is scheduled to be held on December 7th, but alas, their tickets are already sold out. The beer will soon be available in the bar, however, so you might miss the party, but you won’t miss out on the taste! Also offering a large selection of craft beers on tap, Chocolate Wit, Truckee Blonde Reserve, and Leg Lifter Pale Ale, just to mention a few, Fifty Fifty Brewing Company in Truckee is a force worth mentioning in the craft beer world!

Get Into Something Fun Before Your Visit

Whether it’s your first time visiting Truckee, California or you’re a frequent visitor, you’ll find that there is always something to do. There is a wide range of activities that are geared towards families, solo travelers, and anyone who comes to town for a good time.

Visit the Andelin Family Farm

The Andelin Family Farm is guaranteed to be one for the books, especially if you are an animal lover. The Andelin Family Farm, located just a few miles from Brockway Road, is a family-friendly venue. When you visit, you’ll be taken on a drive-through tour of the farm to see all the animals. If you’ve never seen a chicken lay eggs, then you’re in for a treat. Get your hands dirty and participate in barnyard activities like milking the cows and grooming the horses.

Perfect Your Swing

If you’re interested in a more laid-back activity before heading to Fifty Fifty, you can go golfing at the Ponderosa Golf Course. Practice your swing or initiate a friendly competition with your friends and family to see who will be the first to get the ball in the hole. The fairly flat terrain, lively scenery and fun course make for an enjoyable afternoon in Truckee. The Ponderosa Golf Course also has a pro shop and snack bar so you can invest in some accessories if you are a golfing enthusiast with a few light bites throughout your visit.

See Historic Truckee

The Historic Downtown Truckee and Visitor Center is the cultural district in Truckee. Here you can learn about the town’s history and get a feel for the city’s vibrant art culture. There are several retail stores and boutique shops to browse and find unique treasures to take home. Stop by the Old Jail Museum, an actual 19th century jailhouse that has been carefully preserved to showcases the fascinating history and artifacts with guided tours .As you explore the cultural district of Truckee you can take in the scenic views and take some fun photos with your loved ones.

Anticipating your upcoming visit to the Fifty Fifty Brewing Company in Truckee? If you enjoy a good cold one every once and a while, or perhaps every night, then it’s only right that you come enjoy one of the brews at Fifty Fifty!

FiftyFifty Brewing Co, Truckee, CA

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