Top Tips for Your Lake Tahoe Vacation

With some of the most incredible landscapes and picturesque natural beauty in all of California (if not the United States), Lake Tahoe is one of the true hidden gems of the west coast, and certainly one of the most popular vacation spots! With millions of vacationers flocking to the area every single year, you’re probably thinking that you need to check this place out for yourself! While we would certainly agree with you and say that every person needs to experience Lake Tahoe at least once in their lifetime, it’s also just as important to make sure you’re well prepared for your trip. Here are the best tips for your Lake Tahoe vacation.

Be Prepared for Less Air!

While you may be looking forward to catching some big air on the slopes of many of the incredible skiing and snowboarding trails that the area has to offer, it’s also important to remember that the air is a little thinner up here! Lake Tahoe sits at a high elevation of just over 6,200 feet, and this means that the air is a little thinner than you may be used to! So before you exert yourself by spending 10 straight hours hiking the trails, make sure you’re well aware that it is a little harder to breathe at times.

Plan Your Way Around Beforehand

When a lot of people think of lakes, the image that comes to most of their minds is a small body of water-Lake Tahoe is quite the opposite! Lake Tahoe spans over 191 square miles, and the highway that wraps around the lake is 72 miles long! This means that if you want to truly explore everything that the area has to offer, you better plan your transportation accordingly! Luckily, Lake Tahoe has lots of public transportation options with TART, but if you’re looking to explore on your own, it might be best to bring a rental vehicle.


Lastly, the best tip for your Lake Tahoe vacation is to be prepared for the crowds! Our peak visitor seasons are March-May and September-November, and if you’re planning to visit during these months, be prepared to share. If you want a more private experience (and cheaper at that) with less crowds, visit us during one of the “off peak” months. Don’t let that scare you though-no matter what time of year you choose to visit Lake Tahoe, there is no shortage of things to do! Make the most of your vacation by staying in one of our cozy Tahoe Signature Properties vacation rentals.

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