Lake Tahoe Nature and Wildlife Journey

North Lake Tahoe is one of the wonders of nature. There are so many hidden secrets that you can spend your whole vacation discovering them one by one and it will still take another vacation to go through all the attractions of this amazing place. From the stunning ski resorts to panoramic scenes and pristine waters, your vacation is guaranteed a lot of beauty and adventure as you make your way around the local flora, fauna, and Lake Tahoe wildlife.

Sand Harbor State Park

If sparkling water, white sand, and blue skies are your goal, this is your Lake Tahoe nature destination. The giant boulders punctuate the sandy shore and bring raw and wild beauty to the whole scene. And of course, such beauty deserves plenty of pictures and selfies that will end up on your social media pages. So why not pack a picnic and bring your buddies to this awesome place? It makes for a nice stop as you make your scenic tour around Lake Tahoe.

Squaw Valley Tram

If you want to take in the whole area—lake, beaches, mountains, and valleys all together—then you need to take to the air. No, you won’t fly, because the tram will take you as high as 2,000 feet. The Squaw Valley High Camp treats you to a view you have rarely laid eyes on before. It really fills you with awe and wonder as you survey the horizon from such a vantage point. Both Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Mountains are laid at your feet. The village provides a lot of amenities and you can spend a nice afternoon exploring the beauty of Lake Tahoe nature.

Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society

This six-acre preservation area is registered at the National Register of Historic Places. With over 40,000 acres of forest and parks surrounding it, it’s the ultimate destination for the nature lover. Tours are available most of the year where a guide will take you around the hotspots of the area and explain about the different animals and plants that you come across. The lodge itself is a work of art. Many couples book it for their wedding since the enchanting beauty of the place is just irresistible.

Enjoy Lake Tahoe Wildlife Today

As one of the most scenic destinations in Southern California, North Lake Tahoe attracts nature lovers from all over the country every year. For more information, call us today and book your vacation rental in Truckee.

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