A Journey For Delicious North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Food

While people looking for the excitement of casinos and gambling head to South Lake Tahoe, the north part of the lake is more laidback, offering panoramic scenery, mellow vacations, and the culinary joys that only foodies would appreciate. But regardless of the type of activities you like to indulge in, we all need to eat. And good food is indispensable on a vacation like this. Whether you like casual food or fine dining, there’s plenty here to satisfy every taste and appetite. Just plan your North Lake Tahoe and Truckee food journey carefully in order to cover as many food spots as you can.

Chambers Landing Bar

If you are one of the people who enjoy their food much more with great scenery as a backdrop, then the oldest bar in Tahoe is where you turn to on a lazy afternoon. A recommended for first-time visitors is the Chambers Punch. That’s one drink to take all the weariness of the day out of your system and replace it with a soothing calmness. And did you know you can order right off the pier? The food is also great, but you’ll have to go to the beach for your grilled burger. But if you want to get a real taste of their finest dining, you’ll have to wait for dinner time, when this North Lake Tahoe food is served as the sun descends into the lake.

Gar Woods Grill & Pier

Whether you arrive in a car or a boat, you’re always welcome here. Except that those who paddle over the lake get a valet to tie their boat for them while land vehicles have to be parked by their own drivers. Now that we got this out of the way, once you reach Gar Woods, aim for the waterfront. That’s the prime spot to enjoy your meal. Best drink to have here is a Wet Woody. You’ll know it when you taste it. It’s a bit pricey, but the this Truckee food is totally worth every penny and then some.

SandBar at Christy Hill, And More Delicious North Lake Tahoe Food

SandBar is also on the waterfront, but the dining experience here is more upscale and refined. For the casual meal, head to the patio below the restaurant. It’s called the SandBar and the tables are clustered in little nooks on multi-tiered levels in the garden. If that doesn’t sound romantic, enough wait till you see it.

Truckee Food Shop

When you’re in the mood for some spectacular comfort food and crave casual, laid-back digs to enjoy it in, a stop at the Truckee Food Shop is bound to please. This inviting eatery is situated at 12030 Donner Pass Road #3 in Truckee and is open to the dining public looking to enjoy everything from savory veggie dishes to Mexican tortas, buttermilk fried chicken or mouthwatering pasta or steak dishes that are sure to delight. From fish and chips to prepared meats to go, it’s easy to find something that satisfies at the Truckee Food Shop which is popular amongst locals and visitors alike!


If you’re the type of culinary enthusiast looking to dine their way through the north lake Tahoe and Truckee area in style, then a stop at Trokay is bound to be at the top of your must-try list! This inviting and sophisticated stop is a great place to savor upscale and seasonal American favorite cuisine paired with spectacular wine selections off of Trokay’s impressive wine list. The restaurant is located at 10046 Donner Pass Road and is open to the public between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm most nights of the week. Reservations are always a good idea at Trokay which tends to fill up quickly thanks to its savory menu selections and impeccable reputation for excellence in the area!

The Mill Juice Shop

Maybe it’s just a quick smoothie or fresh-pressed juice that would hit the spot during your journey to Truckee. If this is where you find yourself then the options at the Mill Juice Shop are sure to inspire. This welcoming locale is found at 10825 Pioneer Trail and opens its doors daily between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Fresh-pressed beverage on-site makes for a healthy and fresh way to start the day. The versatile offerings at The Mill Juice Shop are available in shot form as well as shakes and smoothies that energize and revitalize. From options that highlight cold- pressed ginger to those that blend the best of cider and cayenne pepper, bold flavors are yours for the enjoying when you make your way here during a stay.


There are days when nothing else will do except fine Italian fare and if the craving hits while you’re in Truckee, then Pianeta is the place to be. Located at 10096 Donner Pass Road, Pianeta is the perfect place to settle in and enjoy traditional Italian dishes in a setting that promises to be warm, welcoming, and a touch romantic too. Many of the meals on the menu lean on Northern Italian influence while the full bar and wine list make for a perfect pairing with every plate.

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