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The 9th Annual Guitarfish Music Festival will take place between July 25th and 29th, 2019. Located at Cisco Grove Campground, 48415 Hampshire Rocks Rd in Cisco Grove, CA, the four-day festival is a celebration of not just music but art, crafts, food, fun and games. The musical lineup leans toward the funky and groovy side of the music scene. But that doesn’t mean that people who love other music genres won’t have a great time here, as the festival offers a lot of activities for everyone and all ages are invited. Tickets cost $180 for a four-day pass and children 10 and under are free.

Who’s Playing

The lineup for the 2019 Guitarfish Music Festival is as varied as always. From Monterey, Mexico comes Kinky, a popular band that has left its mark on the rock-electronica scene. The Bay Area is represented by The California Honeydrops. This group stays true to its street and organic origins and they’re influenced by R&B, funk, and Southern soul among other sources. These guys turn any event into a party. Yak Attack from Portland will take to the stage to present their trademark ‘organic electronica’ music. Other notable names in this year’s lineup include Afrolicious (San Francisco), Smoked Out Soul (Bay Area), Diggin Dirt (Arcata), Earth Arrow (LA), Mestizo Beat (LA), Biddadat (Seattle), Midtown Social (San Fransisco), The Ries Brothers (Florida), and many more.


Because this festival, one of our favorite activities in Lake Tahoe, is for all ages and the whole family is welcome to attend, there’s always a corner for kids to enjoy their own games while the grownups are dancing to the funky music nearby. Kids over 10 get a discount, and those who are 10 and under go for free. Kidsville is a fun place packed with activities for all children to enjoy. These activities include button making, metal fun, leather making, henna, tie-dye, wood and glass key chains, interactive live painting, face painting, and much more.

More Fun Activities in Lake Tahoe

Besides the live music and kids’ activities, there are other fun attractions for the whole family. Yoga has a prominent place in the festival; every day from sunrise to sunset yoga classes are going on, teaching participants relaxation techniques and ways to change their view of the world. The Healing Oasis is an opportunity to get in touch with some local healers and let them work their miracles on whatever is ailing you.

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