Lake Tahoe Fall

While people often talk of summer getaways in the mountains, places like Lake Tahoe and Truckee make great spots for autumn retreats as well! The mountain charm is accentuated by falling temperatures and changing hues. Here’s just a few things to look forward to:

Fall Colors

While the pine trees aren’t fazed by fall in Lake Tahoe, the aspens which cover the mountainside go all out for the changing seasons. Visit places like the Truckee River, Donner Lake, and Ponderosa Meadow to appreciate the brilliant swathes of color, from fiery oranges to calming yellows.

Disc Golf

Many golf courses close as summer ends, but disc golf courses usually stay open until winter hits. If you’re looking for that relaxing-but-challenging itch that golf scratches, pack your discs in your luggage so you can visit Tahoe’s courses.

Food and Wine Festival

What northern California town doesn’t take a moment to celebrate its wine? September 8th through 10th, Lake Tahoe will be hosting its fabulous food and wine festival. The event includes cooking demonstrations, mixology seminars, competitions, and of course, tastings. Several events take advantage of Tahoe’s gorgeous weather at this time of year. From a hike-and-snack to secret-ingredient cook-off, there’s plenty of good times and good food to be had!

Kokanee Salmon Festival and Races

The Kokanee salmon are well-known, well-celebrated members of the Tahoe-area ecosystem. South Lake Tahoe devotes a festival to them each year—in 2017, it’s falling on October 7th and 8th. The event commemorates the annual spawning, and kids and parents alike are invited to events both educational and entertaining, plus the chance to look at the streams. Several races, including a 10k and a children’s run, are also held at the Salmon Festival. The event is free!

Lower Prices

It’s an unstated simple fact of the hospitality industry: Rates are higher during the summer, when people are looking to get away while the students are out of school. But, once Labor Day hits, the schools are all back in session, and fewer people are out traveling. This means more than just smaller crowds—it also means lower prices, sometimes as much as 18 to 25%, between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for the opportunity to save some money, come in fall in Lake Tahoe—there’s plenty to look forward to!

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