Enjoy a Lake Tahoe Easter getaway

As we near the month of April, we in North Lake Tahoe enter a period that could potentially be quite awkward as ski season has ended and the summer months are still a ways away. Spring, however, is one of our most favorite times of the year as the days grow longer and warmer and the first major holiday of the year takes place, by which, of course we are talking about Easter. Easter is a time of simple pleasures as family or friends join together to enjoy egg hunts and holiday feasts and although it is not often considered a traveling holiday, it is the perfect time to venture out and explore what the world, and Tahoe Signature Properties, has to offer, starting with our luxury homes, cabins, and condos! Spend your days discovering the magic of Spring in Lake Tahoe and your nights staying warm and cozy in our homes and find yourself falling in love with your Lake Tahoe Easter celebration in our favorite place on earth. This guide will give you tips on making the holiday the hoppiest as you relax and recharge in luxury and comfort!

All Great Easters Start with the Basket

Admit it, even though you have reached the age of maturity long ago and your children are the ones who eagerly await the arrival of the Easter Bunny every year, you can’t help but fall in love with the sweet simplicity of a perfectly filled basket. Designed to match the cravings and obsessions of your kiddos, no two baskets are alike! The littlest members of your traveling party may awaken to find a soft plushy with no removable pieces that could be choking hazard, and as you layer in the goodies, perhaps you fill it with teething biscuits purchased at the local Safeway, slipping in a chocolate Easter Bunny and other varieties of candy that YOU secretly crave. Tahoe City Chocolates, 760 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City, is the only place to go when you want a treat that is extra special. Older kids may not believe in the Easter Bunny, but that won’t keep them from enjoying a video game or two purchased from Geared for Games, also in Tahoe City and we seriously doubt they will turn down any chocolate either! Whatever the age, the best way to start the perfect holiday celebration is with a perfectly filled basket!

Next Comes the Hunt for Eggs

An old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt is an essential part of any celebration and during your North Lake Tahoe visit, your kids will have at least 2 chances to take part in the fun! On April 16th, the day before Easter, the Center for Spiritual Living in Carnelian Bay is holding an Easter Egg Hunt and Family Fun event from 1:30 until 3:30 at 215 Carnelian Bay Avenue. Featuring an egg hunt that will take place at different times for different age groups and also offering a variety of Easter activities, this event promises to be a fun way to spend a few pre-Easter hours. On Easter Sunday at Palisades Tahoe in Olympic Valley, their annual Easter and Golden Egg is back on again after a brief recess due to the pandemic and the youngsters can look not just for colorful Easter Eggs, but for the single golden egg that offers a special grand prize!

Lake Tahoe Easter Feast

The best part of any holiday is the meal and when it is time to start planning your Easter Brunch, many of our local restaurants are going to be open and serving their specialties! Gar Woods Bar & Grill in Carnelian Bay has been known to provide a spectacular feast as has Donner Lake Kitchen in Truckee. It is still a little early for any of the restaurants to provide their Easter menus, but we can promise that wherever you choose to go (the Fire Sign Café in Tahoe City is another favorite!) every bite you take will be memorable in all the right ways!

At Home with Tahoe Signature Properties

Your Easter adventures in North Lake Tahoe are destined to be exciting ones, but many of our guests prefer to stay in and enjoy the luxury of our holiday hideaways! Can you blame them? Providing fully equipped gourmet kitchens that bring the joy back to your cooking experiences, large yards that are perfect for hiding the colorful eggs you and your family spent a happy couple of hours decorating as you gathered around the large dining room tables that are the hearts of our homes. Building the basket as your kiddos dream about Easter Bunnies and chocolates, sipping on a glass of wine that goes perfect with the ears off that chocolate bunny you purchased at Tahoe City Chocolates, and watching your kiddos race around the yard in their Easter best hunting for the eggs ole Peter Rabbit hid the night before. These are the moments you will remember forever, memories that will be that much more special as enjoyed in the comforts of our Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaways. Contact us to reserve your favorite today!