Enjoy enchiladas and more when dining in North Lake Tahoe

If you scroll back through your vacation photos from previous years, just how many of those photos are of the foods you tried during your travels? Dining out during vacation is one of our favorite things to do, and if you are like us, a taste of the town you are visiting often ends up being the highlight of nearly every getaway you take! As you eat your way through each new location, you are probably planning ahead to your next vacation, dreaming about the delicious foods you will be devouring in each new city, state, or country. Did you know that Tahoe is known for our bennies? That would be horrible to come so far and miss out on our premium dish, so we have compiled this guide to some of our favorite spots for casual dining in North Lake Tahoe to ensure that you have an authentic taste of the area!

Jason’s Beachside Grille, 8338 N Lake Boulevard in Kings Beach

The best meals, in our humble opinions, are the ones enjoyed with a view, and when you choose Jason’s Beachside Grille for your epicurean adventures, you will soon discover how right we are! Offering burgers, nachos, seafood, and steaks with a patio that faces out over the beautiful Lake Tahoe, your time spent in communion with the food is bound to be one of your favorite memories.

Pep’s Place, 6883 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe Vista

Taught from an early age that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we take this morning VERY seriously, and because a good breakfast does not have to be an expensive breakfast, Pep’s Place is high on our list for yum! Tucked away on the lower floor of a charming A-frame cabin, the dishes served here will fill your stomach without breaking your bank account! Simple, wholesome, and delicious, you can eat your croissant filled with scrambled eggs, sausage patty, white cheddar, spinach, tomato and sriracha aioli there or have them wrap it to be enjoyed during your Lake Tahoe adventures.

Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant, 400 Brassie Avenue in Kings Beach

Why we waited until we were three down our list to introduce you to the joys of Spindleshanks’ eggs benedicts, we really don’t know, but please, if you choose only one restaurant from our list to try out, be sure that it is Spindleshanks! Their eggs benedicts make us proud. Filling up a large plate with fresh ingredients and topped with creamy hollandaise sauce, you could eat this dish for every meal of your stay and never get tired of it! Their patio dining option is a relaxing and breathtaking one, as the tables look out over the beauty of the North Lake Tahoe landscape.

Fire Sign Café, 1785 W Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City

Open for breakfast and lunch and serving more of those famous eggs benedicts, every bite you take at the Fire Sign Café is guaranteed to be the best one! From the Fire Sign Ruben created with pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and rye bread to the Breaded Chipotle Chicken Sandwich made with breaded chicken breast, fresh veggies, and a homemade chipotle aioli, there are no wrong choices, only tasty options.

Caliente, 8791 North Lake Blvd in Kings Beach

Some like it hot, and when you visit Caliente, the heat is destined to be delicious! Offering food with a Latin flair, you can not come all this way and not stop in to try out their Wet Burrito. Made with chicken or pork and stuffed with cilantro rice, black beans, and pepper jack cheese, it is the sassy ingredients that go into their toppings that will make you fall in love; green chile and enchilada sauce, melted cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and jalapeños make this dish the one you will dream about long after you have returned home to real life!

Fuddhism, 10412 Donner Pass Road in Truckee

We admit it, the quirky name of this casual restaurant is what initially drew us to their door, but the food that they serve is what kept us coming back! Featuring a menu of healthy and delicious delights that are ever changing, the sophisticated flavors may seem to be at odds with the casual atmosphere but trust us when we say that somehow it just works. We don’t have a favorite dish—everything they serve is simply incredible—but if you get the chance to try their spinach and asiago polenta cakes with sundried tomato pesto or their simple salmon with roasted red pepper aioli, we can promise you will be just as hooked as we are!