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The joy of traveling, while never taken for granted, have reached a new level of appreciation after a brief “hiatus,” and if you are taking this time to start planning your summer or fall getaways to Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe region, we at Tahoe Signature Properties are eager to help! The best vacations are only as good as the accommodations you choose, and fortunately, you have an excellent taste as shown by your preference for our luxurious and comfortable homes away from home. We have created this ultimate Truckee travel guide to the properties we offer and the fun you can have during your time in Truckee to ensure that every minute spent with us will be ones you will never want to forget!

Designed for Comfort

Our Truckee rentals, like all the properties we feature, offer a charm and comfort that adds to the wonder of your travels. Although each property may show a different style, all contain a warm and welcoming environment that makes guests instantly feel at home! Fall in love with the conveniences offered in a downtown Truckee unit, located close to the shops, restaurants, and other businesses and attractions that make our small town special.

The kitchens offer custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and high-end appliances that will make meal prep fun, but it is definitely ok if you choose to use the space for heating up leftovers and whipping up batches of margaritas! This is your vacation, and if it makes you happy to hang up your apron for the stay, we stand behind your choice. Whether you decide to use the kitchen or not, the dining areas, perhaps the spaces that could be truly considered the heart of the home, will still be popular rooms for you, your family, and your friends. Gather around the large table that dominates the space and pull out the classic board games of your youth and spend your evenings showing your children the joys of family time without electronics! Many of our Truckee properties may have a bookshelf, a closet shelf, or some other form of storage that holds all your favorites, but if not, making a run into town to the Truckee Variety Company, 10088 Donner Pass Road, will get you whatever you need. Board games are popular again, and you may even find a game or two you have never seen before and look fun to play!

After a winner has been declared for the evening’s game time, the living room becomes the next most popular sport in the house as teens reconnect to their electronics (high-speed wireless saves data), book worms choose that comfy chair by the window to read the NY Times Bestseller they have carried with them over the miles, and the resident napper stretches out on luxurious couches with remote in hand; the big-screen television hanging on the wall allows you to watch the big game, but the napper will soon be doing what he or she does best!

The small-town charm of Truckee living does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy the views of the rugged landscape, and when you step outside to wraparound decks, patios, or balconies, the views never fail to please! Sitting on lounge chairs that face out onto wooded areas and sipping a glass of wine while watching the sunset over the horizon is a luxury that we do not often get to enjoy during real life, making it an all the more prized activity while on vacation. Dinners al fresco in the summer can be made even more pleasurable when the meal consists of your catch of the day grilled to perfection on the provided grills!

Once the moon has risen high into the sky and the need for sleep cannot be ignored another second, the bedrooms will be the next space you fall in love with during your Truckee adventures. Offering soft beds, cozy linens, and a peaceful ambiance that allows you to forget your worries and slip into a deep and dreamless sleep will be yet another luxury you will come to expect from our Tahoe Signature Properties seasonal sanctuaries!

Truckee Summers

During your stay in Truckee, you will have the option of chilling at your choice of two different lakes, and there is plenty of things to do in Truckee in the summer at either! Lake Tahoe will offer an attraction that you will not be able to resist, but it is the proximity and charm of the Donner Lake beaches that may invite you to hang out longer than you planned. Bring a cooler full of food and drinks, stake out your section of the beach (the one in China Cove Beach is a favorite spot of ours), and prepare for many hours of fun and relaxation. Building sandcastles with the youngsters, frolicking in the waters, or even fishing off the shore, there are no rules to beach life, and if you did nothing else during your stay in Truckee, you would still consider this vacation to be an absolute success!

View of the lake in Truckee

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Of course, you may be the type who is incapable of doing nothing, and while you are exploring the beaches of Donner Memorial State Park, you may choose to hike or mountain bike along the trails. Dirt Gypsy Rentals at 11410 Deerfield Drive offers a giant selection of mountain bikes for rentals and also offers guided tours if you are unsure of where you want the trails to take you. One thing you may have noticed is the name of the park in which you are having so much fun, Donner Memorial State Park; if the name seems to ring a bell, chances are you did pretty well in your history classes! The Donner Memorial (for which the park is named) is dedicated to honoring the memory of the snowbound Donner Party, a group of American pioneers determined to migrate to California, only to encounter a series of obstacles that led to an incredibly sad end. Today, the memorial honors their sacrifices with a stone statue that celebrates those who succeeded in their journeys as well as those who failed.

Fall Breezes and Autumn Leaves

As another page is torn from the calendar and a new season takes the place of summer, the mood in Truckee changes to a sense of excitement and anticipation. These are the days we wait for all year, eager to note the changes in the landscape, and if your visit takes place during these colorful months, you will join in the excitement as well. Hiking is still a popular activity in the fall, perhaps even more popular than it is during the summer, as temperatures lower and the lush green of tree canopies explode into a kaleidoscope of rich reds, vibrant golds, and exciting purples. Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers as you take the Commemorative Emigrant Trail along Alder Creek, ending at the Stampede Reservoir before turning around and heading back into town where your Tahoe Signature Properties Truckee escape patiently waits. Want to learn about the flora and fauna you pass along the way? The Lakeshore Interpretive Trail offers historical information and natural exhibits along its 2.5-mile path, and if you find yourself looking up at the glorious trees instead of down where the signs are, no one will blame you one bit!

Wanting to do something a little closer to your home away from home? Downtown Truckee offers adventures around every corner as you shop at exclusive boutiques, sip your favorite beverages in pubs and bars, and dine at establishments whose entire mission in life is to feed hungry travelers. Pick up gifts for you and those who stayed behind at the totally charming Bespoke, which offers a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of everything you won’t be able to resist! Featuring everything from home goods to clothing to jewelry and so much more, you may find yourself returning to this special business more than once throughout your stay. Mountain Arts Collective offers a selection of art and jewelry that is both charming and breathtaking, created by local artisans who constantly draw their inspiration from their surroundings.

A woman wearing jewelry from local Truckee shops

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If you want to learn something more about the history of our lakeside town, the Historic Downtown Truckee & Visitor Center offers a historical walking tour that never fails to intrigue you! If you are in town in mid-September, the Truckee Tahoe Air Show & Family Festival offers a day of family-style fun under the clear blue skies and even includes free rides for kids in military aircraft on Sundays. During the Saturday fun, everyone can pay a small fee for the same opportunity! Although the plans are tentative, we have great hopes that the Downtown Truckee Wine, Walk & Shop is coming back to town in early October, offering wine tastings, food samplings, and all the shopping you can handle, with many of the shops offering special discounts on this special day! The streets of Truckee are filling up again after a brief hiatus, and nothing makes us happier than to see scores of laughing and happy tourists exploring our historic village!

A Taste of the Town

As you spend your hours exploring all the things to do in Truckee in the summer and fall, you may notice that you are feeling a bit hungrier than normal, but that’s ok! The selection of local restaurants we want to show you are more than up to the challenge of feeding the raging beast inside you, starting with a hearty breakfast from the Wagon Train Coffee Shop on Donner Pass Road. Everything we have ever tried at this no-frills spot in the heart of Truckee is absolutely delicious, but you will be disappointed in yourself if you don’t try the sausage scramble. Scrambled eggs and sausage take up half the space on the big white plate, and a huge helping of hash browns takes up the other half of the plate, and because less is definitely not more at the Wagon Train, a large, soft, and fluffy biscuit is served on the side! Drizzle honey over it for a distinctive comfort food taste, or if you think you have it in you, ask for a side of sausage gravy and your world will never be the same again!

By this point, you may be wondering what the dinner options are in small-town Truckee, and you may even be surprised to learn that haute cuisine options can be found at Trokay, also located on Donner Pass Road! Offering a prix fixe menu that changes with the seasons, we can not predict what delicious dishes they will be serving on the day you visit, but we can promise that every bite promises to be more delicious than the last! The Chef’s Tasting Menu is always a popular choice and never disappointing. Lunch at Jax at the Tracks, 10144 West River Street, offers all your favorite comfort foods, including meatloaf and milkshakes, and when the family begins to crave the most American of all meals, a large pie from Zano’s Family Italian & Pizzeria will make your taste buds sing an Italian aria!

Adventures in Truckee

Your vacation to Truckee promises to be one you will never forget, and we hope that our ideas will bring you great joy, but if you remember nothing else, remember to choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your seasonal sanctuary! Offering luxury amenities that will spoil and all the comforts of your own home, our properties are designed to meet (and exceed) today’s traveler’s needs. Reserve yours today!

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