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As the world opens up again, you may find yourself feeling more than a little overwhelmed as you jump back into the thick of things. Fighting traffic, wearing pants, and dealing with your coworkers that you have missed over the past months can bring you to new levels of exhaustion and may even lead you to remembering the days of quarantine fondly! Fortunately, your North Lake Tahoe vacation escape is just around the corner and as you scrolled through all the listings on our Tahoe Signature Properties website, a few words may have caught your eye, reminding you that yes, you can have a private and secluded getaway to help recharge batteries that are quickly fading! This rustic and luxurious cabin in the woods promises to be everything you dreamed it could be, and this guide to its charms will prove how your time in Tahoe can be the best time of your life as you relax, explore, and play in one of our more popular properties!

4 Dreamy Bedrooms and 4 Spa-Like Baths

Built of wood, glass, and surprisingly chic corrugated tin, this cabin in the woods promises to be the retreat you need during these confusing times, something that will become immediately apparent upon your first steps inside! Hang your coat on the iron coat rack located to the left of the front door, reveling in the bright openness of the space that invites you to venture further along paths created of warm wood. A living room offering a stone fireplace that climbs up to the railing of the second floor features a sturdy leather sofa and matching recliner conveniently placed to enjoy views of the fireplace, state of the art television, and the stunning Tahoe landscape visible just beyond the windows. An open concept floor plan revolves around this cozy space, with the dining room table and chairs positioned to one side of the living room and the fully equipped kitchen positioned on the other side!

Create healthy meals in a room that will bring a tear of happiness to the chef of the moment, containing stone countertops in a creamy tan, heavy wood custom cabinets and a charming charcoal farmers sink that offers a surprising bit of interest in its uniqueness. The dining room table may not be the focus of the open space that offers vaulted ceilings, a glimpse of the rooms upstairs, and a delicious surprise around every corner, but it will be the focus of most of the fun you can have under the roof of this secluded property. Unplug from computers, game consoles, and phones while you play a laugh filled game of Monopoly, plan your North Lake Tahoe adventures from the chairs that surround the table, and devour large meals that warm you from the inside out!

Outside, a wraparound deck is divided into “rooms” offering a space to eat, a place to watch the sun set over the mountains, and a place to play; yes, a hot tub under the open skies is guaranteed to be the most popular amenity this home has to offer! (And you can already tell, our private oasis has a LOT of amenities to enjoy!) A barbecue grill and detached smoker allows your chief griller and smoker the opportunity to pitch in for dinner, and an outdoor fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs finishes off the tour of the deck life you are destined to love.

Going back inside, our next stop on this tour of wonderful takes us to the downstairs master suite. Offering a king bed, walls of windows, a private exit to a sitting area on the deck, and a fireplace that will keep you warm on the coldest of nights, this room is where your soul will relax. The attached master bath features more of the cabin décor with wood like tiles in the shower, stacked brick walls, and a hammered copper vessel sink adding a charming touch to the space. A second master suite on the first floor also offers a soaking tub dual vanities, and a water closet for extra privacy. The remaining bedrooms are rustic, charming, and cozy, each featuring its own private bath, and a private office featuring multiple desks, book shelves, and a printer that can be used if you absolutely have to work during your vacation. A game room with a pool table, arcade game, telescope, and separate bar offers fun on a cold and snowy night, as does the home theater sized television hanging on the wall opposite a plush chenille topped sofa makes this space just about as popular as the deck that wraps around the home!

Tucked Away in the Woods

The world will be your own private oyster when you choose our Private Secluded Valley View Oasis as your Tahoe vacation home away from home. Reserve it today!

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about thankfulness and families, but if you are the chief cook and bottlewasher in your family, chances are it has just become another chore that you dread. The days that lead up to the holiday are filled with shopping, cleaning, and cooking, and on the actual holiday itself you spend many of the hours on your feet preparing a meal that will be devoured in minutes! Yes, it can be difficult to feel thankful when you are exhausted and overworked, which is why many Americans are choosing to run away for the holiday, and the happiest ones are running straight for North Lake Tahoe to stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties comfortable, stylish, and luxurious holiday hideaways. Offering everything you need to relax and recharge, this Thanksgiving promises to be one filled with memories you cherish. Our guide to Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe will ensure you don’t miss out on a moment of the fun!

Revel in the Peace

Ski season actually is scheduled to begin on November 25th, so the days leading up to the big event may be the last quiet ones for a few months, and we suggest you take full advantage of it! Bundle up and take a walk by the lake itself, listening to the water slap against the shore, taking these moments to remind yourself that yes, the list of things you have to be thankful for is long and plentiful. Hike along the trails that will soon be filled with skiers dressed in their warmest winter clothes and revel in the peace that comes from opening yourself up to nature or watch the sunset from the patio of your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape, sipping Irish coffee and losing yourself in the beauty of our sky filled with a kaleidoscope of colors.

Out and About or Take It Home This Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe

The big day arrives, and for the first time in years, you aren’t up at the crack of dawn, basting your turkey, making sure the bread is rising, and gulping coffee straight from the pot, praying that it will give you the energy to make it through the day! Instead, you may have slept in, nibbled on treats purchased from the Cornerstone Bakery in Truckee, and are actually watching the Thanksgiving Day parade from the comfort of your cloud soft bed, not peeking in at the excitement on the screen from your spot in the kitchen. These moments of rest and relaxation are brought to you by local restaurants who will do the cooking for you; you just have to choose whether you prefer to bring a meal back to your holiday hideaway to enjoy in sweats and/or pajamas or if you want to head out into the cold to one of the open restaurants! Celebrate with live music at the Bar of America in Truckee, so named for its location in what was once the Bank of America building, and enjoy an elegant feast that represents the best of what the holiday is all about. You can also take home a traditional meal from Granlibakken and gather round the family style dining tables in our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes while music plays softly in the background (no, it is not too soon for Christmas music!) and your family laughs and chats while devouring the delicious feast.

Experience the Magic of the Holiday with Tahoe Signature Properties

Of course, you may have walked in to your vacation home away from home, set your eyes upon our gourmet kitchen, and knew immediately that you had to get your hands on that oven. Our kitchens are designed to bring the joy back into cooking and are sizeable enough that multiple cooks can move around easily, so go ahead and introduce your children to the traditional recipes of your family! Your teens can be responsible for chopping and dicing while your younger kids can help get out the ingredients, break eggs in to the bowls, and stir all the ingredients together while mom bastes the turkey. Play Christmas carols after the parade is over, sip eggnog while the meal is baking, and as you look at your children, working so diligently in the kitchen, and your spouse watching football on the big screen, you will remember that this is what Thanksgiving is all about, food, family, and of course, football! After the meal is complete, leave the cleaning to your spouse and head out on the town for an evening of Black Friday shopping, finding unusual gifts that will make your family happy!

Thankful for You

We at Tahoe Signature Properties have a lot to be thankful for as well and you, our faithful guests, own a spot near the top of that list! Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today and let us be the first to wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!

As the year progresses and we find ourselves busier than ever, it soon becomes obvious that the only thing capable of calming your frazzled soul is a getaway to a place where nature brings tranquility and the homes bring luxury and comfort to everyone who resides under their sturdy roofs. It gets even better when that getaway takes place in North Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe vacation home that you choose to rest, relax, and revive in is our Northstar Silver Strike Family Retreat! Offering two serene bedrooms and a bonus sleeping area in a quiet and cozy loft space, your stay in North Lake Tahoe will shine as bright as the spotlight we are shining on this charming space! As winter draws ever closer, the location of our Silver Strike Family Retreat promises to put you right smack in the middle of all the excitement, as it is situated just a short 10-minute walk from the center of the resort, where you’ll find shops, restaurants, and the gondolas that bring you to the best skiing and snowboarding trails in all of California. This guide will paint the picture of a winter break that will come straight from your dreams!

You Need This

Vaulted ceilings lined in knotty pine planks draw your eyes up when you first step inside our Silver Strike Family Retreat, reveling in the sophisticated lodge-like interiors that welcome and warm. An open concept floor plan doesn’t offer any secrets, and as you feel your stresses drop from your shoulders like a discarded cape, you step further into the space, beginning your explorations in the living area that centers the space. Offering a sleek cocoa-colored sofa and matching armchair topped in a velvety material that feels soft against your skin, the super-sized television hanging on the wall next to the fireplace allows guests to keep up with their favorite shows after a long day on the slopes.

The living room is located next to the dining area, where a modern surfboard-shaped table surrounded by leather chairs is the focal point of the room and quite possibly of your stay with Tahoe Signature Properties. Coming together as a family to play games, build puzzles, and to eat fresh cooked meals will remain prominent in your memories long after you return home to the reality of work, job, and school! A copper spotlight shines down on the fun had in this space, and just beyond lies the kitchen, the heart of the home. Compact, yet fully equipped with everything you need, real wood cabinets, stainless steel high-end appliances, and granite countertops make it a space in which every at home chef will be thrilled to cook.

The walls in Silver Strike are all painted a crisp white, but pops of color throughout keep the space from appearing sterile and bland, including a variety of potted flowers in the living and dining spaces and a cherry red toaster in the kitchen. A framed map of Northstar hanging on the wall over the sofa gives a clearer picture of where you are in the grand scheme of things, and two sets of stairs give you options as to where you can head next on your tour of your temporary family escape.

Take the steps up and find yourself in the cool loft space outfitted with a trundle bed, two chairs, and a unique mirrored cabinet shaped to look like a set of ski goggles. A television set up directly across from the bed allows for late-night channel surfing until you fall into a deep and restful sleep. The second set of stairs leads down to the bed and bath section of the tour. Offering comfort, peace, and tranquility, the private quarters of Silver Strike also offer private patios, more seating areas, and a barbecue grill that lets dad take over some of the cooking duties on those evenings you really don’t want to go out!

More Fun to Be Had Near Our Tahoe Vacation Home

Access to community amenities is included with the price of your stay, and as you swim, watch your children play on the splash pad, soak in community hot tubs, and get your competitive fix in with a variety of games on a variety of sports courts—tennis, basketball, and even shuffleboard courts are an integral part of the Northstar community—and work off some of those extra calories you have ingested in the state of the art fitness center, every minute of every day you spend with us is guaranteed to be filled with fun, excitement, and the happiest of memories. Reserve our Northstar Silver Strike Family Retreat for your vacation accommodations today and start planning for a vacation like no other!

As the leaves begin to change color and then drop from the trees and the days become shorter and cooler, we all begin to feel the hum of excitement that vibrates through the air. Halloween is coming, and while a good portion of the world calls themselves Christmas enthusiasts, there isn’t a soul that can contain their excitement over the season of pumpkins, costumes, and candy! This year Halloween falls on a Sunday, which means there is a good chance you and your family could find yourselves traveling at the time, and if your travels bring you to the North Lake Tahoe region, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any holiday fun! We at Tahoe Signature Properties love Halloween as much as the next person, and when you choose us for your accommodations you don’t just receive comfort, style, and luxury. You also receive a small bonus in the form of this guide to all the fun and spooky things you can do at Halloween in our favorite place on earth!

Halloween Parade, October 29 at 6 PM, Truckee Railroad Museum in Truckee

Everyone loves a parade, and the charm of a small-town parade always retains a small place in the corner of our hearts, especially when that small town parade takes place in Truckee. Offering trick or treating for the children of your traveling group and a chance for those same wee travelers to become a part of the parade, this fun family style event brings the fun back to spookiest holiday of the year! Fire trucks add excitement to the parade and at its end, participants will get to enjoy a small party at the Community Arts Center with books, toys, and of course, more candy to be offered to all!

Frighteningly Fantastic Films This Halloween in Tahoe

October has always been the traditional month for horror movie watching and the new batch of films set to come out this month are exceptionally scary and can be watched at local theaters! Get goosebumps over witches shenanigans while watching Witch Hunt at the Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema in Tahoe City or keep the frights to a minimum while watching the Addams Family with your kids at the Village Cinemas in Truckee. For those hardcore horror film fans, enjoy the comforts of your Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaway as you watch a horror movie marathon on state-of-the-art televisions! Pop some popcorn, make up a batch of witch’s brew cocktails and lose yourself in the gore and gruesomeness on the screen comfortably ensconced on plush sofas in front of roaring fires!

Downtown Tahoe City Trick or Treat, October 31 3-5 PM, Tahoe City Downtown Association

No matter how you look at it, Halloween is about the candy and sweet treats we love to devour and your children will be much relieved to learn that just because they are traveling, it doesn’t mean they have to skip their favorite part of the holiday! Downtown Tahoe City sponsors a trick or treat event that is safe, fun, and perfect for people who really don’t know the area well! Dress up your sweet children in their favorite costumes, spooky, sweet, or Princess-y and head to Heritage Plaza for a couple of hours of holiday excitement and if you happen to find a few treasures for yourself in the stores that are located here, be happy that this year you got the treat and tricks were saved for another time!

Dress Up and Dine Out

The best thing about Halloween is knowing that no matter how weird you may look and no matter where you go, the proprietors will just shake it off; it is Halloween and even if you don’t want to party like a rock star, you can enjoy a great evening out on the town dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein or Freddy Krueger and no one will judge you! Start the holiday out with a brunch at Cottonwoods in Truckee, enjoying Bloody Marys and Eggs Benedict Arnold as Halloween falls on a Sunday this year or if you prefer to do your celebrating early, a visit Fat Cat Café in Tahoe City for a night of burgers, beers, and quite possibly, banshees on October 30, partying until the holiday arrives!

Stay Home with Tahoe Signature Properties

Halloween night doesn’t have to be spent outside, especially if you aren’t traveling with children, so stay in and enjoy all the comforts of home with us! Make a batch of popcorn balls in our fully equipped kitchens, check out if “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is airing on Netflix, or sit out on the deck reveling in the cool night air that feels especially wonderful after a long summer of scorching heat with Halloween in Lake Tahoe. Reserve your seasonal sanctuary today!

The simple joys of a North Lake Tahoe vacation offer the opportunity to get back to nature and become one with the environment. Hiking through the woods, skiing down the slopes, or hanging out at the lake, participating in all sorts of lake activities all of which promise to be the most fun you have ever had in your life. But when the sun sinks on another day of excitement and exploration, coming home to the natural beauty and classic luxuries found in our 5-bedroom, 4-bath Lakeview Mountaintop Chateau! Offering the attention to detail you have come to expect from Tahoe Signature Properties and a surprise second living area that makes it the perfect spot for multiple families traveling together, this exquisite Tahoe rental property is a popular one that you will want to grab quickly before your vacation slot is taken by another lucky traveling group! This guide to its comforts, luxuries, and style will give you even more reason to click on that Book Now button!

Award-Winning Style In Our Tahoe Rental Property

Having been awarded the “Best Interior Remodel” by Tahoe Quarterly is indeed an honor, but even as you will be awed by the stylish and rustic renovation, it is the comfort offered that will be what you remember most long after you return to real life. Plop down on soft leather sofas placed in front of a roaring fireplace in a living room full of knotty pine trimmed windows, sit in the massage chair tucked away in the corner of the pool room, watching your family play a game, or cozy up on the wicker sectional placed out on the wood deck that surrounds the home trying to read, but being distracted by the mountain and lake views that spread out before you!

Create family meals in the rustic designed kitchen, featuring high-end appliances, soapstone countertops, and a hammered copper sink with which you won’t mind washing dishes as you stare out the window over the sink, or talk to your travel mates perched on the wood and leather barstools lined up at the breakfast bar. Just a few steps away lies perhaps the most important space in the property, the dining room, offering a knotty pine table surrounded by sturdy wood chairs. This is the room where your children will learn the joys of living life unplugged as you play board games together, where you learn what makes your daughter’s boyfriend tick, and you discover that your grown son will soon be asking his girlfriend to be his wife. Meals will be eaten here too, of course, but it is the memories made at this simple wood table will last a lifetime!

A secondary living area, furnished with more comfy furnishings, a wagon style coffee table, and a state-of-the-art television hanging over another fireplace also offers more of those million-dollar views. Rough wood planks line the walls and hefty beams line the fireplace and built-in bookshelves, but this room is 100% pure comfort! Tucked away in the loft that is open to the public spaces of the home, cedar planks line the walls behind a series of three twin beds and an air hockey table will make this room your children’s most favored hangout spot! Each of the bathrooms offer a style that fits nicely into the rustic elegance of the house, featuring rough edged stone counters, colorful glass sinks, and showers with sophisticated tile backings.

The master suite, however, is the star of this show, offering a king bed, a sitting area in front of the fireplace, and a hammered copper soaking tub surrounded by walls of stacked bricks and yet another fireplace located just steps away. On the coldest days of the year, this space will be your favorite as you soak in the warm waters with a roaring fire ensuring the body parts above the water line will stay nice and toasty; sipping on a glass of wine while soaking and reading will help warm you from the inside out!

Sleep comes easy in our sophisticated retreats, (as we like to call the bedrooms in our Lakeview Mountaintop Chateau) but touches of whimsy found throughout helps keep the home from being too serious! Comfort is important, but fun is equally so, and throughout the house, inside and out, you will find many ways to play. A telescope set up in the main living room gives you the opportunity to spy on wildlife without scaring them away, the aforementioned game tables allow kids and adults to engage in a bit of competitive fun, and on that deck that offers panoramic views of the mountains and lake, a hot tub bubbles merrily, just waiting for guests to sit and relax while staring out on some of the most beautiful scenery in the world! Access to the community amenities include heated swimming pool, recreation center, gym, and so much more.

The Only Thing Missing from This Picture?

The only thing missing from this picture of perfection is you and your family! Reserve our Lakeview Mountaintop Chateau today.

The changing of the seasons is important to us, and as the calendar pages are torn off to reveal each new month, we always find something new to love about Tahoe. The promise of spring when the temperatures are still cold, but the buds of young flowers are beginning to push their way through the fertile dark soil. The laziness and childlike wonder that summer always brings, transporting us back to the days of sticky sweet popsicles and the coconut scent of our favorite tanning oils. The joy we feel every winter when standing at the top of a slope, looking down at the blanket of snow and the people who stepped off the precipice before us, dressed in their most colorful and warmest winter wear. As we say goodbye to the long days of summer and step into warm sweaters and the smell of pumpkin spice wafts through the air, we say to ourselves, THIS is our favorite season of all! If your journey has you turned in the direction of North Lake Tahoe for your fall break, this guide to all the fun you can have during your stay in our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes will ensure that getaway will be one you never forget with these activities in North Lake Tahoe!

Made in Tahoe Festival, October 9 – 10, The Village of Squaw Valley

As the pandemic lingers on, not all the festivals that celebrate the return of fall have begun to make their appearance, but the Made in Tahoe Festival is made of sturdy stuff, and we are excited to be able to see the beginnings of normalcy in North Lake Tahoe. This special festival celebrates the people and artisans of Tahoe, offering music, food, and arts and crafts made by the people who are lucky enough to live here full time! Even the entertainers are locally born, giving this unique event the breath of the lake. As you sip cold beers, eat delicious food, and listen to the music played by local musicians, your love for fall will quite possibly reach its peak!

Tahoe Vista Treetop, 6600 Donner Road in Tahoe Vista

If you think hiking underneath the fiery canopy of trees in the fall is a breathtaking and exciting experience, wait until you find yourself flying through them, securely attached to a thin cable and able to see the entire landscape of the valley around you! Leaving you feeling as if you are living a technicolor dream, the Squaw Valley Adventure Center and its zip lines are definitely one of the best ways we know to while away a few hours of your day. Offering 39 zip lines as well as 87 tree platforms and 54 events/bridges, this giant playground in the sky offers a joyful time for all who play there. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a midday break in the heart of the fall landscape, and when you come home later that evening, tired and ready for a nap, our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation properties offer a soft place to land!

Take a Ride on the Wild Side With These Activities in North Lake Tahoe

Sometimes the best way to conquer another beautiful fall day is astride a mountain bike, going full speed along trails that take you under the trees displaying their most fiery of autumn gear! Rent a mountain bike from Olympic Bike Shop, 620 N. Lake Boulevard, and spend your September days exploring the countryside. Also offering tandem bikes, bike strollers, and all the gear needed for a quiet family ride, Olympic Bike Shop has something for everyone. Stay in town and explore the shops and stores that dot the downtown areas or go wild and wooly in on the local trails. The shop has trail information so you will know exactly what you are getting yourselves into!

Pumpkin Spice Isn’t Just for Coffee

Nothing signifies the changing of the seasons more than an ice-cold craft beer served from your favorite brewery, and Fiftyfifty Brewing Company, located at 11197 Brockway Road #1 in Truckee, offers the perfect example! Currently serving their summer favorites such as their West Coast Haze Pale Ale, their fall favorites are certain to drop soon, and we are sitting at the edge of our chairs waiting impatiently to discover if this is the year that pumpkin porters will rule! As you sip and snack at this brewery and pub, if the weather starts to chill a little more than you are used to, you will be warm on the inside, thanks to the tasty beers you are imbibing!

Fall for Our Seasonal Sanctuaries

Coming home each evening to the comfort and warmth found in our seasonal sanctuaries promises to be the moments you hold closest to your heart upon your return to real life. Reserve your stay today and fall in love with fall in comfort and style!

A trip to Tahoe can offer two entirely different experiences, both of which attract visitors from all over the world. Stick close to the lake from which our town received its name and live the laidback lifestyle water front lifestyle or climb high in the mountains and experience the beauty from above as you lounge and relax in comfort and style. The latter is easy to do when you choose our 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath Mountain Top Donner Tahoe Getaway for your vacation accommodations! Offering a rustic and yet still modern style, million-dollar views, and a downstairs en suite as well as an upstairs master suite, this home is perfect for friends traveling together or for families traveling with their older mother or father who can’t quite navigate stairs easily anymore. This guide to one of our more popular getaways is sure to inspire you to click that green “Book Now” button and lead you to a mountaintop adventure you will never forget.

Log Cabin Life Has Never Been This Luxurious in This Tahoe Vacation Home

Entirely clad in wood and featuring a unique porthole style window at its peak, Mountain Top Donner Tahoe Getaway offers surprises at every turn. Wide planked wood floors lead the way into spaces that are thoroughly modern, offering crisp white walls and oversized curtainless windows, (There is no way you will want to close off those views!) but the rustic amenities will offer a touch of cozy that keeps the space from being too sterile. Plush leather sofas in the extra seating area outside the kitchen and dining rooms are placed facing floor to ceiling windows, but it’s the stone encased gas fireplace that will bring joy to your heart.

The dining area is where you will spend a lot of your time playing games, eating, or if you absolutely must, working (high-speed internet makes it easy to stay in touch with the office). It shares the views and the fireplace and is conveniently located just steps away from the fully equipped kitchen. Featuring two windows that provide constant reminders of the reasons you chose this space to make your own, updated appliances in stainless steel, custom cabinets, and granite countertops, this kitchen brings back the joy of cooking and make guests feel instantly at home!

This level contains the master suite that comes complete with a private bath, soaking tub, private balcony entrance, and its own fireplace, guaranteed to add romance and warmth to your sleeping experience. Step out on the balcony in the chill of early mornings to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee and the views of the sun rising over the mountains or slip away from the crowd at night to sip wine and watch the same sun set over the same mountains. Either way, this is a spot that will linger in your heart for years to come! A large wood deck on this level offers expansive views, two barbecue grills, and extra seating for those times you just don’t want to come inside.

Heading back into the Tahoe vacation home of your dreams, we now will make our way downstairs to view the second half of this incredible home. Down here is where you will find the “formal” living room offering another stone fireplace, a brown leather sectional, and two oversized leather chair sitting where the light is best. A bookshelf filled with books and magazines is there for your use, as is an electric keyboard, an acoustic guitar, and of course, a state-of-the-art flat screen television so large it could need its own zip code! This room is where the family will congregate, enjoying each other’s company as they play music, watch television, or simply sit and read in quiet companionship. A small wet bar will help keep you hydrated and another wood patio overlooking more mountain views will keep you entranced on this level—but there is still so much more to see!

Keep exploring to find an office with everything you need for an uninterrupted Zoom meeting, a guest bedroom with a premium mattress and a cheerful budding tree mural painted on its wall, the queen en suite that will make Grandma or Grandpa feel comfortable and at home, and of course, more of those incredible views!

Community Amenities

When you choose this particular Tahoe Signature Properties sanctuary, access to the community amenities is just another luxury that we offer. Soak in the community hot tub in the winter months, swim in the community pool in the summer months, and work off those vacation calories in the community gym. A sauna, golf course, rec center, and tennis courts are also included, ensuring that your journey to Lake Tahoe will be one filled with fun and excitement every minute of the day or night!

Is This Special Spot the One?

Studies prove that you will know within the first two minutes if a vacation home is the right fit. If this fits your dreams, reserve this beautiful home today!

If you scroll back through your vacation photos from previous years, just how many of those photos are of the foods you tried during your travels? Dining out during vacation is one of our favorite things to do, and if you are like us, a taste of the town you are visiting often ends up being the highlight of nearly every getaway you take! As you eat your way through each new location, you are probably planning ahead to your next vacation, dreaming about the delicious foods you will be devouring in each new city, state, or country. Did you know that Tahoe is known for our bennies? That would be horrible to come so far and miss out on our premium dish, so we have compiled this guide to some of our favorite spots for casual dining in North Lake Tahoe to ensure that you have an authentic taste of the area!

Jason’s Beachside Grille, 8338 N Lake Boulevard in Kings Beach

The best meals, in our humble opinions, are the ones enjoyed with a view, and when you choose Jason’s Beachside Grille for your epicurean adventures, you will soon discover how right we are! Offering burgers, nachos, seafood, and steaks with a patio that faces out over the beautiful Lake Tahoe, your time spent in communion with the food is bound to be one of your favorite memories.

Pep’s Place, 6883 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe Vista

Taught from an early age that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we take this morning VERY seriously, and because a good breakfast does not have to be an expensive breakfast, Pep’s Place is high on our list for yum! Tucked away on the lower floor of a charming A-frame cabin, the dishes served here will fill your stomach without breaking your bank account! Simple, wholesome, and delicious, you can eat your croissant filled with scrambled eggs, sausage patty, white cheddar, spinach, tomato and sriracha aioli there or have them wrap it to be enjoyed during your Lake Tahoe adventures.

Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant, 400 Brassie Avenue in Kings Beach

Why we waited until we were three down our list to introduce you to the joys of Spindleshanks’ eggs benedicts, we really don’t know, but please, if you choose only one restaurant from our list to try out, be sure that it is Spindleshanks! Their eggs benedicts make us proud. Filling up a large plate with fresh ingredients and topped with creamy hollandaise sauce, you could eat this dish for every meal of your stay and never get tired of it! Their patio dining option is a relaxing and breathtaking one, as the tables look out over the beauty of the North Lake Tahoe landscape.

Fire Sign Café, 1785 W Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City

Open for breakfast and lunch and serving more of those famous eggs benedicts, every bite you take at the Fire Sign Café is guaranteed to be the best one! From the Fire Sign Ruben created with pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and rye bread to the Breaded Chipotle Chicken Sandwich made with breaded chicken breast, fresh veggies, and a homemade chipotle aioli, there are no wrong choices, only tasty options.

Caliente, 8791 N Lake Boulevard in Kings Beach

Some like it hot, and when you visit Caliente, the heat is destined to be delicious! Offering food with a Latin flair, you can not come all this way and not stop in to try out their Wet Burrito. Made with chicken or pork and stuffed with cilantro rice, black beans, and pepper jack cheese, it is the sassy ingredients that go into their toppings that will make you fall in love; green chile and enchilada sauce, melted cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and jalapeños make this dish the one you will dream about long after you have returned home to real life!

Fuddhism, 10412 Donner Pass Road in Truckee

We admit it, the quirky name of this casual restaurant is what initially drew us to their door, but the food that they serve is what kept us coming back! Featuring a menu of healthy and delicious delights that are ever changing, the sophisticated flavors may seem to be at odds with the casual atmosphere but trust us when we say that somehow it just works. We don’t have a favorite dish—everything they serve is simply incredible—but if you get the chance to try their spinach and asiago polenta cakes with sundried tomato pesto or their simple salmon with roasted red pepper aioli, we can promise you will be just as hooked as we are!

After a Night of Dining in North Lake TahoeBring Home the Leftovers to Comfort

Every meal will be your favorite when you bring home your leftovers to the comfort of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation sanctuaries. Reserve yours today!

The beauty of the natural Lake Tahoe landscape is often reflected in the properties we offer, and our Kings Beach Mountain Lodge Getaway is the perfect example! Offering four serene and tranquil bedrooms, three spacious and spa-like baths, and a warm and welcoming ambience for up to 10 guests at a time, this stunner is one of our more popular vacation homes. Built to complement the tree-lined landscape of the lot on which it sits, its log cabin appearance and luxury amenities that spoil and pamper all who reside under its roof, this sweet getaway is guaranteed to be the one that makes your Lake Tahoe vacation an unforgettable one. If you are not convinced, this guide to all its charms will help you make up your mind!

Naturally Beautiful

Lake Tahoe is known for its ruggedly beautiful landscape, and your first glimpse of the treasures awaiting you inside our Kings Beach Mountain Lodge Getaway will make you fall in love. Follow the paths created by wood floors to rooms built for comfort and delight in their naturally beautiful design. Offering an open concept floor design, the living area, dining area, and kitchen all flow into each other, ensuring that no one ever feels left out of the fun or all alone. The focal point of the living room is the floor-to-ceiling fireplace and the leather sofas that stand directly across from it, ensuring guests will stay warm even on the coldest nights of the year. The dining room is another popular gathering spot in our Kings Beach sanctuary, offering a place to eat, play games, or check in with work using our high-speed internet that can almost guarantee that your Zoom meetings will be glitch-free.

In the kitchen, naturally stained cabinets (some with glass fronts) keep the space light and airy, while high-end appliances in stainless steel help bring the joy back to cooking. The large center island features a five-burner gas stovetop and overflow seating for three; the cushioned bar stools are high backed and swivel, allowing whoever sits here to keep up with conversations in the kitchen and in the living room! The entire space, kitchen, living room, and dining room stays bright and open, in part due to the crisp white paint on the walls, but mainly due to the large windows and glass doors that let in the light and the views while keeping out creepy crawlies and bad weather. Step out onto a deck made of wood and take a deep breath as your eyes travel from the trees to the paths and back to the deck, where a propane grill and multiple seating and dining areas create a cozy picture. These views are what you came here for and you can go outside and experience them any time you want!

So Much More in This Lake Tahoe Rental

If we stopped right here and offered nothing else, chances are you would still be overwhelmed, but the reality is we want to stun you, and there is still so much more to explore! The bedrooms in this Lake Tahoe rental are spacious, light, and bright, until you pull the shades so you can sleep even later. Speaking of sleep, it is one of the unspoken luxuries associated with all our properties, and each night you spend in this particular space will be the best ones of your life as you fall into the deep sleep of a child, waking feeling refreshed and renewed! The master suite and the en suite bathroom are especially large and luxurious, offering a king bed topped with high thread count linens and a bathroom with a double vanity, walk-in shower, and a deep tub that you can soak away the aches and pains of vacation activities as you sip a glass of wine, listen to music, and perhaps finally read that book you carried with you cross country! The surprises hidden inside this lovely two-story home have not yet come to an end yet, however, as downstairs you will find a second living space. Offering a tongue and groove planked ceiling, built-in bookshelves filled with books and movies, a state-of-the-television, and a soft place to sit or sleep with a futon that centers the space. Two more cozy and comfortable bedrooms and a full bath complete this picture of perfection, and at last, the tour is now complete!

The Fun Never Ends

This Kings Beach Mountain Lodge Getaway property offers comfort, style, and entertainment as you spend your vacation exploring all the wonders Lake Tahoe has to offer, the fun and excitement will fill every one of your vacation minutes! Reserve this special place today and discover how important the RIGHT vacation home can be to your getaway.

The joy of traveling, while never taken for granted, have reached a new level of appreciation after a brief “hiatus,” and if you are taking this time to start planning your summer or fall getaways to Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe region, we at Tahoe Signature Properties are eager to help! The best vacations are only as good as the accommodations you choose, and fortunately, you have an excellent taste as shown by your preference for our luxurious and comfortable homes away from home. We have created this ultimate Truckee travel guide to the properties we offer and the fun you can have during your time in Truckee to ensure that every minute spent with us will be ones you will never want to forget!

Designed for Comfort

Our Truckee rentals, like all the properties we feature, offer a charm and comfort that adds to the wonder of your travels. Although each property may show a different style, all contain a warm and welcoming environment that makes guests instantly feel at home! Fall in love with the conveniences offered in a downtown Truckee unit, located close to the shops, restaurants, and other businesses and attractions that make our small town special.

The kitchens offer custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and high-end appliances that will make meal prep fun, but it is definitely ok if you choose to use the space for heating up leftovers and whipping up batches of margaritas! This is your vacation, and if it makes you happy to hang up your apron for the stay, we stand behind your choice. Whether you decide to use the kitchen or not, the dining areas, perhaps the spaces that could be truly considered the heart of the home, will still be popular rooms for you, your family, and your friends. Gather around the large table that dominates the space and pull out the classic board games of your youth and spend your evenings showing your children the joys of family time without electronics! Many of our Truckee properties may have a bookshelf, a closet shelf, or some other form of storage that holds all your favorites, but if not, making a run into town to the Truckee Variety Company, 10088 Donner Pass Road, will get you whatever you need. Board games are popular again, and you may even find a game or two you have never seen before and look fun to play!

After a winner has been declared for the evening’s game time, the living room becomes the next most popular sport in the house as teens reconnect to their electronics (high-speed wireless saves data), book worms choose that comfy chair by the window to read the NY Times Bestseller they have carried with them over the miles, and the resident napper stretches out on luxurious couches with remote in hand; the big-screen television hanging on the wall allows you to watch the big game, but the napper will soon be doing what he or she does best!

The small-town charm of Truckee living does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy the views of the rugged landscape, and when you step outside to wraparound decks, patios, or balconies, the views never fail to please! Sitting on lounge chairs that face out onto wooded areas and sipping a glass of wine while watching the sunset over the horizon is a luxury that we do not often get to enjoy during real life, making it an all the more prized activity while on vacation. Dinners al fresco in the summer can be made even more pleasurable when the meal consists of your catch of the day grilled to perfection on the provided grills!

Once the moon has risen high into the sky and the need for sleep cannot be ignored another second, the bedrooms will be the next space you fall in love with during your Truckee adventures. Offering soft beds, cozy linens, and a peaceful ambiance that allows you to forget your worries and slip into a deep and dreamless sleep will be yet another luxury you will come to expect from our Tahoe Signature Properties seasonal sanctuaries!

Truckee Summers

During your stay in Truckee, you will have the option of chilling at your choice of two different lakes, and there is plenty of things to do in Truckee in the summer at either! Lake Tahoe will offer an attraction that you will not be able to resist, but it is the proximity and charm of the Donner Lake beaches that may invite you to hang out longer than you planned. Bring a cooler full of food and drinks, stake out your section of the beach (the one in China Cove Beach is a favorite spot of ours), and prepare for many hours of fun and relaxation. Building sandcastles with the youngsters, frolicking in the waters, or even fishing off the shore, there are no rules to beach life, and if you did nothing else during your stay in Truckee, you would still consider this vacation to be an absolute success!

View of the lake in Truckee

Of course, you may be the type who is incapable of doing nothing, and while you are exploring the beaches of Donner Memorial State Park, you may choose to hike or mountain bike along the trails. Dirt Gypsy Rentals at 11410 Deerfield Drive offers a giant selection of mountain bikes for rentals and also offers guided tours if you are unsure of where you want the trails to take you. One thing you may have noticed is the name of the park in which you are having so much fun, Donner Memorial State Park; if the name seems to ring a bell, chances are you did pretty well in your history classes! The Donner Memorial (for which the park is named) is dedicated to honoring the memory of the snowbound Donner Party, a group of American pioneers determined to migrate to California, only to encounter a series of obstacles that led to an incredibly sad end. Today, the memorial honors their sacrifices with a stone statue that celebrates those who succeeded in their journeys as well as those who failed.

Fall Breezes and Autumn Leaves

As another page is torn from the calendar and a new season takes the place of summer, the mood in Truckee changes to a sense of excitement and anticipation. These are the days we wait for all year, eager to note the changes in the landscape, and if your visit takes place during these colorful months, you will join in the excitement as well. Hiking is still a popular activity in the fall, perhaps even more popular than it is during the summer, as temperatures lower and the lush green of tree canopies explode into a kaleidoscope of rich reds, vibrant golds, and exciting purples. Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers as you take the Commemorative Emigrant Trail along Alder Creek, ending at the Stampede Reservoir before turning around and heading back into town where your Tahoe Signature Properties Truckee escape patiently waits. Want to learn about the flora and fauna you pass along the way? The Lakeshore Interpretive Trail offers historical information and natural exhibits along its 2.5-mile path, and if you find yourself looking up at the glorious trees instead of down where the signs are, no one will blame you one bit!

Wanting to do something a little closer to your home away from home? Downtown Truckee offers adventures around every corner as you shop at exclusive boutiques, sip your favorite beverages in pubs and bars, and dine at establishments whose entire mission in life is to feed hungry travelers. Pick up gifts for you and those who stayed behind at the totally charming Bespoke, which offers a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of everything you won’t be able to resist! Featuring everything from home goods to clothing to jewelry and so much more, you may find yourself returning to this special business more than once throughout your stay. Mountain Arts Collective offers a selection of art and jewelry that is both charming and breathtaking, created by local artisans who constantly draw their inspiration from their surroundings.

A woman wearing jewelry from local Truckee shops

If you want to learn something more about the history of our lakeside town, the Historic Downtown Truckee & Visitor Center offers a historical walking tour that never fails to intrigue you! If you are in town in mid-September, the Truckee Tahoe Air Show & Family Festival offers a day of family-style fun under the clear blue skies and even includes free rides for kids in military aircraft on Sundays. During the Saturday fun, everyone can pay a small fee for the same opportunity! Although the plans are tentative, we have great hopes that the Downtown Truckee Wine, Walk & Shop is coming back to town in early October, offering wine tastings, food samplings, and all the shopping you can handle, with many of the shops offering special discounts on this special day! The streets of Truckee are filling up again after a brief hiatus, and nothing makes us happier than to see scores of laughing and happy tourists exploring our historic village!

A Taste of the Town

As you spend your hours exploring all the things to do in Truckee in the summer and fall, you may notice that you are feeling a bit hungrier than normal, but that’s ok! The selection of local restaurants we want to show you are more than up to the challenge of feeding the raging beast inside you, starting with a hearty breakfast from the Wagon Train Coffee Shop on Donner Pass Road. Everything we have ever tried at this no-frills spot in the heart of Truckee is absolutely delicious, but you will be disappointed in yourself if you don’t try the sausage scramble. Scrambled eggs and sausage take up half the space on the big white plate, and a huge helping of hash browns takes up the other half of the plate, and because less is definitely not more at the Wagon Train, a large, soft, and fluffy biscuit is served on the side! Drizzle honey over it for a distinctive comfort food taste, or if you think you have it in you, ask for a side of sausage gravy and your world will never be the same again!

By this point, you may be wondering what the dinner options are in small-town Truckee, and you may even be surprised to learn that haute cuisine options can be found at Trokay, also located on Donner Pass Road! Offering a prix fixe menu that changes with the seasons, we can not predict what delicious dishes they will be serving on the day you visit, but we can promise that every bite promises to be more delicious than the last! The Chef’s Tasting Menu is always a popular choice and never disappointing. Lunch at Jax at the Tracks, 10144 West River Street, offers all your favorite comfort foods, including meatloaf and milkshakes, and when the family begins to crave the most American of all meals, a large pie from Zano’s Family Italian & Pizzeria will make your taste buds sing an Italian aria!

Adventures in Truckee

Your vacation to Truckee promises to be one you will never forget, and we hope that our ideas will bring you great joy, but if you remember nothing else, remember to choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your seasonal sanctuary! Offering luxury amenities that will spoil and all the comforts of your own home, our properties are designed to meet (and exceed) today’s traveler’s needs. Reserve yours today!