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We love choices, and it shows in the homes we offer. Big or small, rustic or cozy, cabin or cottage, the more choices our guests have, the more likely they are to be satisfied. And because choices are important when it comes to outdoor activities in Tahoe, we are offering even more choices for your North Lake Tahoe snowmobile excitement. Sierra Mountain Sports is an establishment that features the choice to try out snowmobiles on a track for a reasonable price, or the choice to buy your own snowmobile! If you live in a snowy climate, you may not want the snowmobile adventures to end when you return home, so why not check out what this company has to offer?

First North Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Adventure, the Track

A little family competition is always a fun way to while away a few hours, and the circular snowmobile track offered by Sierra Mountain Sports features an exciting way to win! With three locations found throughout the area—2500 Emerald Bay Road at Lake Tahoe Golf Course, 50 Highway 50, North of the MontBleu Casino, and 3021 US Highway 50 at Tahoe Paradise Golf Course—the chances of there being a track for your snowmobile North Lake Tahoe adventure near your Tahoe Signature Properties home is quite high.

Costing $70 for half an hour per snowmobile with two helmets included, these fun tracks are also a reasonably priced vacation activity. And because children are often ignored, forgotten, or forced to ride shotgun with their parents, the kiddie tracks allow them to be masters of their own snowmobiles for only $25. The fun never ends as you race against the clock on a safely monitored track, trying to beat your best score and those of your competitors!

Having Fun When You Snowmobile North Lake Tahoe? Buy a Snowmobile!

Now that you’ve determined that snowmobiling is your thing, have you thought about purchasing one to take back home with you? Sierra Mountain Sports can sell you the latest Artic Cat for endless hours of fun when you get back home. The 2018 models are decked out with high powered motors for easier maneuverability through the deep snow drifts of your own hometown. Ask them about delivery to avoid having to haul it home yourself; they may be able to ship the model you like to a store near your house!

After the Sun Sets

Head back to your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape to warm up and relax by the fire with a cup of Irish coffee you’ve brewed yourself. Reserve yours today!

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