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Winter sports are one of the most appealing parts of living in the Tahoe area. Skiing, ice skating, sledding, and, our personal favorite, snowmobiling, are all activities that once tried, will forever be your new addiction. We actually feel sorry for those who live in a tropical client, knowing the joys of snowmobiling will only be something they will read about or watch on television. Unless, of course, they decide on a winter vacation in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties homes and plan a visit to Eagle Ridge Snowmobile, where a combination of comfort, luxury, and adventure with their snowmobile rentals lake Tahoe will change the way they vacation forever!

Snowmobile Rentals Lake Tahoe with Eagle Ridge: Experienced and Knowledgeable

Eagle Ridge Snowmobile offers many things you may not find at other Lake Tahoe snowmobile rentals, because after over 18 years in the business, they’ve learned more than a thing or two! Your safety is their top consideration, as shown through their safety briefing and how they train you on their equipment. Offering group and private tours that last from two hours up to two days, the only limits will be what your vacation budget allows. The two-hour tours are a great way to determine if snowmobiling is your thing, while the four-hour tours tend to be the most popular ones, allowing you the opportunity to get out and play with almost total freedom and abandon.

Located at CA-89 in Truckee

The feel of the cold winter wind against your face, the thrill of zipping across the snow, and the wonder of the winter landscape that Tahoe does so well are just a few things you can expect as you and your family sail along marked trails and play in wide open meadows, sharpening your new snowmobiling skills under the watchful eyes of these professional guides. With over 200 miles of trails and 650 miles of unspoiled forest land to explore, you could make an Eagle Ridge snowmobile tour a winter tradition and never experience the same ride twice! Prices range from $180 to $410, depending on the length of your tour and whether you choose a single ride snowmobile or a two person one. This exciting experience is not recommended for children under the age of 5, but kids from 5 through 15 can ride double with a guide for only $75. Drivers of single snowmobiles must be at least 16, and drivers of double snowmobiles must be 18 or older. Your safety is important to Eagle Ridge, but safe can be fun as well!

Warming Up is Easy

Your adventures don’t have to end with the culmination of your Lake Tahoe snowmobile rentals and snowmobile tour; head back to your Tahoe Signature Properties cozy cabin for some hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and excited conversation about your snowmobiling experience—reserve yours today!

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