Le Grand Adventure Tours

If you have a passion for the outdoors or enjoy outdoor activities, Le Grand Adventure Tours is here to help with your destination planning. Le Grand Adventure Tours believes in “epic trips for your soul” and will help you experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures that can only be done outdoors. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or hiking, there is an outdoor adventure waiting for you.

Adventure Tours

During the cold months of winter, Le Grand Adventure Tours provides exhilarating ski and snowboard tours around the snow-covered peaks of destination locations including Japan, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Ski tours include free riding or the ultimate experience as you tackle some of those country’s greatest mountains. You can ski around the infamous Matterhorn or take on the powder belt of Furano-Otaru in Japan. Le Grand Adventure Tours’ skiing and boarding expeditions are available throughout the months of January through April to ensure you get to enjoy the mountains during the winter season.

Mountain biking and road biking tours are available during the later months of the year with this season’s tours taking place in August and September. Upcoming expeditions include Switzerland and Italy, showcasing the beautiful terrain of Europe. Daily biking rides are available in Santa Cruz, giving you the perfect excuse to get outside during your Lake Tahoe vacation.

Finally, Le Grand Adventure Tours provides incredible surfing tours in Maui and Ventura to show you how to hit the waves and enjoy this exciting sport.

Why Choose Le Grand

When planning for your next trip around the world or just checking out the incredible trails of the Lake Tahoe region, make sure you choose Le Grand Adventure Tours. They have years of experience of traveling around the world with most tours they provide as private groups letting you experience real connections. Their Lake Tahoe tours and destination excursions are perfect for groups, families, couples, corporate retreats, honeymoons, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties. They even know where to shoot the best photos and film so your journey can be documented.

Planning Lake Tahoe Tours

Make sure to contact one of our rental experts to see which vacation rental is the right fit for you. Our properties are just a short drive away from Lake Tahoe’s many attractions, including Le Grand Adventure Tours, and we offer fantastic holiday rentals to take adventure of this winter wonderland. If you are looking to explore the Lake Tahoe region on mountain bikes or plan your next destination vacation, give Le Grand Adventure Tours a visit at their website for Lake Tahoe tours and more! Check out our entire house Airbnb rentals in North Lake Tahoe.

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