Truckee Horseback Riding Tours

Tour Truckee on Horseback

The North Lake Tahoe area is full of different trails and paths that provide for some of the best views in all the United States. One of the best ways to see these amazing views is on horseback. Many different companies offer amazing tours on horseback that you can take advantage of during your trip. Grab the reins and see horseback riding in Truckee the best way possible!

Maplewood Stables

Renowned as the premier equestrian center in Nevada, Maplewood Stables is the perfect place to go horseback riding during your time in Lake Tahoe! Offering lessons, riding clinics, training, boarding, camps, and more, the professional equestrians at Maplewood Stables are well-versed in the latest techniques for horseback riding. Learn more down below! Enjoy a Horseback Riding Clinic in Tahoe Maplewood Stables stands out from horseback riding training facilities not only in Lake Tahoe, but even the country for its premier educational clinics. Offered all year long, Maplewood Stables’ clinics culminate … Continue reading Maplewood Stables

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Private Rides

Most of the rides offered as a tour package are private. This private adventure only requires that you go out with you and your friends or family plus a guide. The goal is a personal experience of the most amazing views in Truckee and with the private ride you can tailor a perfect ride just for your group.


Generally, the ages range from 8 years old and up. If you are vacationing with children under the age of 8, do not worry! You are able to bring them with you and leave them with our staff to go on a pony ride and visit the critters while you go out for your ride.

No Experience Necessary

Local companies love the opportunity to introduce first time riders to the amazingly calm horses. With your private ride, you will start with a short lesson in the safety of a sand arena and won’t leave for the trail until you are comfortable. The companies make sure that you are completely comfortable before leaving the training area.


Unlike most other trail ride outfits, the local companies don’t set a time limit on their rides. Instead, they work with each group to make sure it is just right for you! Of course, as the price and experience goes up, so does the duration, but every package offered will offer everything you need for an amazing adventure.

Trotting & Loping

Do you know how to ride and want to kick it up a notch? These companies offer adventure rides that allow you to move out on the trail in a trot or lope. However, to ensure the safety of the horses and group all riders must first pass an assessment, and we make no guarantee that you will be ready to move out on the trail.

If you are looking to stay in the North Lake Tahoe area, let us help you find the best accommodations with one of our amazing vacation rentals. Truckee horseback riding is the best!

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