White Water Rafting on the American River

Another popular river here in Lake Tahoe, one that offers more of a challenge than Truckee, is the American River. The original name of the American River was Kum Mayo, which meant roundhouse river in the Nisenan language. It’s estimated that this area was settled as much as 12,000 years ago, and people have been making the American River their home ever since, using its waters for cooking and drinking, and more recently harnessing its powers for electricity.

Rafting the American River

Over the years, it has been the transportation route for fur trappers and gold miners, but today, its main use is for fishing, exploring, and other recreational activities, including white river rafting. Originating in the High Sierras, this river is one with three distinct personalities, with three forks that offer rafting excitement for ALL skill levels, from novice to expert. A day spent riding the rapids may just become the highlight of your vacation!

Families enjoy the more placid South Fork—gently rafting downstream, taking the time to notice the scenery on either side, but also making sure to enjoy each other’s company. This vacation is about rebuilding the family bonds and this is one way to do it! More experienced rafters may prefer the Middle Fork—still tranquil at times, but offering more of a challenge, especially when you reach the rock chute area. And finally, experienced rafters forever seeking out that next challenge, the ultimate thrill, find that the North Fork of the American River is where all the fun will be.

Tahoe Signature Properties Offer a Soft Spot to Land

After a long day white water rafting the American River, you’re going to want to get back on dry land and spend some time relaxing—something that is made that much more special when you stay in a Tahoe Signature Properties vacation rental! Book yours today, and before long, you will be sitting on the back terrace with a glass of wine in hand, contemplating the glorious colors of a California sunset. Life is better at the lake!

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