Guided Tours of Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for one of the top North Lake Tahoe Things to do, you need to hire a Lake Tahoe tour guide service!They’ll take care of the route finding and logistics so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Embark on a Guided Journey in Lake Tahoe!

In Lake Tahoe, there are lakes to sail, mountains to climb, fish to catch, forests to explore, and a number of other places to see in between. Being such a gorgeous alpine setting, it can be tough to figure out where you should begin when there are attractions and activities to be found on nearly every corner.

Useful Links for Guided Tahoe Tours!

Fortunately, Lake Tahoe is home to a number of guided Lake Tahoe tour providers whose aim is to familiarize visitors with the area while having a ton of fun. With a team of local residents at your side, you can explore the best sightseeing routes and those rare, hidden gems that are off the beaten path that you might otherwise miss if you tried to go it alone in your exploration. Read on to learn more about the many Lake Tahoe tour services that you can find in stunning Lake Tahoe!

For a bike rental, try one of the places below:

Around Tahoe Tours of Lake Tahoe, CA

Around Tahoe Tours

Lake Tahoe and its surrounding area is a sight to behold, from the crystal blue waters of the lake to the vast wilderness around it. If you are a first-time visitor, you might need a little extra help finding everything to see in this gorgeous terrain. Around Tahoe Tours is available for all of your tours and sightseeing needs in the greater Tahoe area. Professional musician and tour guide Daniel Talbot and his brother Chris have been showing off Lake Tahoe for years and know every spot that is a … Continue reading Around Tahoe Tours
Taps at a local Tahoe brewery

Tahoe Brew Tours

Sometimes Lake Tahoe is best enjoyed with a beer in hand as you and a group of friends explore the many craft breweries in the area. Tahoe Brew Tours allows you to explore the breweries of the Tahoe Basin while learning about the rich history of the Sierra Nevada region. By the end of the tour you will have taken in beautiful views of the valley and drunk all of the amazing beers that are made locally. You and your friends can enjoy an adult’s day or night out by … Continue reading Tahoe Brew Tours
Snowshoe tour with Travel You to the Moon

Travel You to the Moon Lake Tahoe

Booking your own trip to destinations you have never visited can be difficult if you are unsure where to go. Travel You to the Moon is a fantastic travel service that allows you to book specific tours for your vacation, with many tours available for the Lake Tahoe region. If you are visiting Lake Tahoe for the first time, there is so much available to you that it might be overwhelming deciding what to do in Lake Tahoe. Let Travel You to the Moon find you the perfect tours for … Continue reading Travel You to the Moon Lake Tahoe

Factory Bike

Factory Bike -Olympic Valley, CA Phone(530) 581-3399
North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Biking

Olympic Bike Shop

Olympic Bike Shop -Tahoe City, CA Phone(530) 581-2500
North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Biking

Pako's Bike and Ski

Pako’s Bike and Ski – Truckee, CA Phone(530) 587-5561
North Lake Tahoe and Truckee Biking

The BackCountry

The BackCountry – Tahoe City, CA Phone(530) 581-5861
lake tahoe walking trails

Mountain Town Lake Tahoe Walking Trail

Taking a walking tour down your vacation destination is the best way to actually experience that town or city. Tahoe is a beautiful town with lots to enjoy and experience, and walking at a slow pace gives you ample time to stop and explore anything that catches your fancy. This is different from being inside a tour bus or a car with prescheduled stops and destinations. The good news is that these walking tours are free. Even though they’re guided tours on Lake Tahoe walking trails, they won’t cost you … Continue reading Mountain Town Lake Tahoe Walking Trail
snowmobile tahoe

Tahoe Snowmobile Tours

Apart from the lake, Tahoe is known for its amazing snow and slopes. But not everyone skis or snowboards. Both of those sports are physically demanding and put some stress on your thighs—but not snowmobiles. These fun rides will transport you to a magical world where the thrill of speed blends with the powder snow. Even if you have never had the pleasure of riding one of these fun machines, you can get lessons for beginners from the many Tahoe snowmobile tours in the area. Scenic Tours With so many … Continue reading Tahoe Snowmobile Tours
lake tahoe water activities

Tributary Tahoe White Water Tours

Whitewater rafting is an old American tradition since Huckleberry Finn took his raft with his trusty friend Jim down the mighty Mississippi. It’s true young Huck didn’t do any whitewater rafting, not by choice anyway; it is still one of the landmarks of the novel and has become part of our collective conscience. Tributary Tahoe White Water Tours at 6500 State Highway 49, Lotus, CA 95651-9764 offers a great adventure on the Truckee River. With prices starting from $74 per trip, you’re bound to find the right river adventure for … Continue reading Tributary Tahoe White Water Tours
family activities lake tahoe

Truckee Historic Walking Tour

Truckee is an old town which got its name from an Indian guide. As the Indian guide led a bunch of white settlers west, the settlers, in gratitude for his service, named the town after him. But the Indian wasn’t called Truckee; his name to non-native ears sounded a lot like “Tro-kay,” so Truckee it was. The year was 1844 and Truckee’s history started from that point. Today you can feel and touch all that history in the buildings, the architecture, the museums, and the streets and alleys of the … Continue reading Truckee Historic Walking Tour

HeliTahoe Helicopter Tours

      HeliTahoe Helicopters Lake Tahoe is a remote place on the border of Nevada in Northern California. It takes some getting to, but people travel here throughout the year for a variety of reasons, including the beauty of the area and the recreation it provides. There are many ways to take advantage, but the services of HeliTahoe Helicopters are some of the best and most unique. This company is the premiere helicopter tour company in the area, and an experience with them always ranks among the most memorable … Continue reading HeliTahoe Helicopter Tours

Tahoe Adventure Company

There are few places in the world that can match the natural beauty and wonder that you can find in the Lake Tahoe area, and the Lake Tahoe area is one of California’s premier locations for exploring and adventuring! In an area that offers so many incredible opportunities for a great adventure, it can be hard to know where to even begin. Never fear! Whether you want to explore the Lake Tahoe area by water or land, Tahoe Adventure Company is here to help. Adventures by Land… Being surrounded by … Continue reading Tahoe Adventure Company

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition Lake Tahoe’s most comprehensive Bike Trail Map is free. Tahoe’s Cycling Information Hub and Tahoe Cycling News. Visit Phone(775) 586-9566

CyclePaths Mountain Bike Adventures

CyclePaths Mountain Bike Adventures -Tahoe City, CA Phone(530) 581-1171

See the Best of Lake Tahoe by Bicycle

More often than not, the greatest tours in Lake Tahoe take place on the back of a bicycle. They allow you to traverse much more varied terrain, from city streets to off-road forest trails. Begin your journey at one of the many bike shops in the area, such as The BackCountry, Pako’s Bike and Ski, Factory Bike, Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition, Olympic Bike Shop, or CyclePaths Mountain Bike Adventures.

Instead of trying to plan a detailed itinerary that leaves you with no time to sit back and enjoy your adventure, hire a guide and leave the worrying to local experts. When you trust in the knowledge and resources of a guide, your Lake Tahoe experience will only get better; guides take care of all of the facets of touring, including route-planning and figuring out other logistical aspects of your tour, freeing you from unnecessary stress and allowing you to live life to the fullest during your stay amidst the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

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Between Lake Tahoe’s striking wilderness, friendly locals, and abundance of opportunities for sightseeing and recreation, you’ll have no shortage of fun times and cherished moments with your friends and family.

Let Tahoe Signature Properties be your gateway to Lake Tahoe! Contact our reservations team and begin planning your most unforgettable vacation yet when you reserve your stay in one of our elite vacation rental homes or cabins today!