Climbing Eagle Creek Canyon in California

The best way to try something new is to start small and work your way up, but with climbing, this isn’t always possible. You’re trying to conquer a mountain, and there are no small mountains, only hills! There are, however, mountains that offer kinder and gentler climbing experiences along with the rough and tough ones craved by today’s adventurers, and Eagle Creek Canyon, CA is one such peak. Offering both simple rope climbs and the more dangerously exciting overhanging sports routes, Eagle Creek is one of California’s more popular climbing destinations.

Mayhem Cove

Mayhem Cove is one of the more difficult routes along Eagle Creek Canyon, but the granite surface is addictively fun to conquer. Less shadowed than other climbs, the snow melts earlier here, but afternoon shade offers the opportunity to climb in comfort as you stretch your limbs to reach that next niche—and the next one…and the one after that. Patience and determination will get you to the top, and the views will have you lingering.

90 Foot Wall

Popular with beginning climbers, the 90-foot wall at Eagle Creek Canyon is a busy one that is easy to tie off and has many cracks and crevices to for those who prefer to free-style climb. Getting there is an easy hike, and if you prefer to have the wall to yourself, you might want to rise with the sun and get there early. As the day grows later, the crowds grow larger, and while this is often a good time to try a new route, climbers are generous and willing to share their own setups with other climbers, some climbers would rather conquer the wall without an audience.

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