KidZone Museum

You have decided to spend your vacation in historic Truckee, California where you are surrounded by beautiful green mountains, shopping, dining, and history. Unfortunately, all your kids can do is whine about the fact that they wanted to go to Disneyland.

If you don’t feel like driving all the way across the state, you may want to check out Truckee’s KidZone Museum. They have the exhibits, activities and special events that can keep your kids entertained for hours. The museum has been around ever since 1992, with the mission of educating kids through interactive play.

Hours & Pricing

Kidzone Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 3:00 PM in the summer. In the winter it is open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on the weekends and from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Friday. Tickets are $8.00 per person and $4.00 for seniors.

KidZone Museum Exhibits

The Once Upon a Time exhibit focuses on various themes in fairy tales, such as magic or kingdoms. The themes change annually. The exhibit is interactive and lets kids live in the world of a fairy tale by doing such things as climbing around on a pirate ship or visiting Snow White’s kitchen.
The Science Exhibit allows kids to meet and learn about animals. There are also child friendly microscopes, light tables, and materials for building machines and structures.

The Art Studio gives you and your child the opportunity to make your own souvenir of Truckee. There is everything from washable paint to clay to make your own pottery. If you can’t think of what to make, the studio offers classes for the whole family.

The Indoor Play Structures at KidZone Museum give your kids the chance to blow off a little energy while you relax and watch them. It was designed to help kids with their motor skills while getting exercise and having fun.


If you are going to be in Truckee for a while, you may want to consider one of the museum’s weekend camps. The camps normally run for about four days and focus on everything from aviation to farming and chemistry. Make sure to check out our Truckee summer rentals if you’re planning on coming here for your next summer vacation!


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