Tahoe outdoor activities

We believe there are two types of travelers in this world: those who plan every minute to the nth degree, creating 19-page itineraries for a five-day trip, and those who wing it. Aside from booking the accommodations and purchasing airplane tickets, they leave everything up to chance, figuring they’ll decide what they want to do when they see it! Oh, how we admire the latter, wishing we could do the same, but the reality is we’re definitely planners and we honestly feel we might miss out on something important if we don’t pay attention to the details. And whether you are a planner or you fly by the seat of your pants, these five Tahoe outdoor activities will be missed if you don’t take a few minutes ahead of time and book them now!

Tahoe Outdoor Activities – The Most Fun on Four Legs

The landscape of Tahoe is one of the most beautiful in the world and never more so than when being explored atop the back of one of the horses available for trail rides from Piping Rock Horses. Open year-round from 9 am until 5pm and also offering pony rides and riding lessons, your Tahoe getaway will be missing something important if you don’t make your reservations for this exciting activity soon!

Exploring the Backroads

When you’re driving the backroads of Tahoe at the helm of an Off Road Tahoe UTV, the excitement and freedom you’ll feel will make you happy you booked the adventure in advance! Off Road Tahoe is permitted to tour the Tahoe National Forest,and their UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles) are the coolest way to do so! Featuring two-seaters for $400 and four-seaters for $600, each tour lasts three hours and lingers forever in your mind! If you live for adventurous moments, you will definitely love these Tahoe outdoor activities.

Drowning Worms

Sure, you could sit on a dock with pole and a cooler enjoying another perfect day in paradise, or you could amp up the excitement levels by booking a sports fishing trip with Captain Bob aboard his 25-foot Sea Ray boat. With over 35 years of fishing experience, Captain Bob knows where the fish are biting; isn’t it worth a little extra planning to catch your limit with an expert? Call 530-318-6272 if you agree! If you like fishing, you will love these Tahoe outdoor activities.

Like Riding a Bike

There are a few things you never forget in life: your first love, your first kiss, and how to ride a bike. When you visit Tahoe, the opportunity to mountain bike your way across the backcountry of our hometown can be added to the list of things you won’t forget! The backcountry in Truckee is our favorite place to rent fat bikes, which allow you to ride on the snowiest days of the year. Rent yours today right here.

From Riffles to Boulder Gardens

The world of whitewater rafting is an exhilarating one,and if you have never tried it before, your Tahoe vacation is the perfect time to do so. Tahoe Whitewater Tours in nearby Truckee allows our guests to channel their inner daredevils as they ride the rifles (less difficult rapids) and maneuver through the Boulder Gardens (a section of river riddled with rocks or boulders). Reservations for your day on the rapids can be made by calling 530-587-5777.

The Time of Your Life

The fun never stops during your Tahoe getaway, but if you want to ensure you have the time of your life throughout your visit, staying in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties guarantees a vacation you will never forget! Reserve your stay with us today.