Millions of people every single year flock to the Tahoe area for its gorgeous scenery and outdoor activities, but there’s much more to our beautiful area than meets the eye! If you’re looking to beat the crowds and find some hidden activities to see and do the next time you’re in Tahoe, here are a few worth checking out that you won’t find in any Tahoe Guidebook:

Chamber’s Landing Restaurant & Bar

Many people who vacation to the Tahoe area every single year are the types who like to get out and hike, ski, or do some other kind of rigorous activity on their vacation… but if you usually find relaxation on vacation by just enjoying a cold drink right on the water, then you’re in luck! One hidden gem we would recommend checking out is Chamber’s Landing, a local favorite tucked away on the western shores of Lake Tahoe south of Tahoe City. Chamber’s Landing features incredible eats and drinks, all with some of the most picturesque views of Lake Tahoe that you’ll find anywhere in the area. If you want to spend your vacation relaxing on the side of the lake kicking back a few cold ones, then Chamber’s Landing is the place to be and it’s somewhere you probably won’t find in any Tahoe Guidebook!

Vikingsholm in this Tahoe Guidebook

Did you know that you can find a hidden gem of Scandinavian architecture located right here in the Lake Tahoe area? It’s true! Located at the mouth of Emerald Bay in southern part of Lake Tahoe lies Vikingsholm, a Scandinavian castle inspired by the fjords of the homeland itself! The castle was first constructed in 1929, and still stands today as one of the true great landmarks of the Lake Tahoe area. Vikingsholm is available for tours throughout the summer, so check out this hidden gem of Tahoe for yourself!

Heavenly Scenic Gondola Rides

One of the biggest draws of the Tahoe area are the breathtaking sights and sounds of the natural beauty all around, and what better way to take all of them in at once than with a gondola ride? The Heavenly Mountain Gondola is a 2.4-mile-long ride that will provide you with some of the most incredible views of the area and ends with an observation platform located over 9,000 feet above sea level! From there you will be able to see wondrous views of Carson Valley, views of Lake Tahoe itself from shore to shore, and more! This gem is arguably the best way to take in everything the Tahoe area has to offer and will create incredibly memories for you and your family.

These are just a few of the hidden gems that await you in the Tahoe area, so make sure to plan your next family vacation here so you can experience them for yourself. And when you do, make sure to reserve a spot with Tahoe Signature Properties, the premier vacation rental company in all of Tahoe!